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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me! Monday

So, this is going to be my very first "Not ME! Monday", so we will see how I do.

Here is what I definitely have not done this week...

Since getting home from vacation, I certainly have not let the massive amount of laundry that we lugged home from our trip to Wisconsin Dells just sit in the laudry room, stepping over it continuously, and avoiding it at all costs, without even considering doing it before today. No, Not ME!

I also did not stay up last night til nearly 1 in the morning watching the past episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I missed while on vacation. And, while I was not watching Grey's Anatomy, I most certainly did not pig out on a bowl of homemade caramel popcorn that I did not make my mom make last night while I was over.

While we are on the subject... I definitely did not go to my mom and dad's yesterday with a terrible backache, fall asleep in my mom's precious recliner, and then sleep almost the 4 full hours, trying to catchup on the sleep that I have not missed over the last several days.

Oh... and, while on vacation in the Dells, I did not make my husband take us to Build-a-bear, telling him that we needed to make a bear for Gracie, when in all truth, it was probably more for me than her. Nope... not me. :) Oh... and to add to that, I most certainly did not buy the movie High School Musical 2, using the excuse that it was for Gracie, because she loves movies with music, and I was sure that she would love it. Nope, definitely not me!!!

I most assuredly have not waited over 6 days since getting back to post a blog, out of mere laziness! Nope, not Me!

So... for now, that concludes my Not Me! Monday blog, because I definitely have not laid around in my jammies til nearly 1 in the afternoon , not had a shower, and well... let's just say, need to do laundry. Nope... Not me!