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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whatta Wednesday!

So... as far as Wednesday's go... it was a busy one. Actually, it was self inflicted busy. Started out pretty good... caught up on some e-mail, threw a roast in the ole' crock pot, watched the View(basically another day of Elizabeth, against the rest of the panel over that whole Barrack O'bama situation with the pastor Jeremiah Right and his rediculous views... my thought is... yes, Elizabeth, we know your feelings about this whole thing... move on!), yes... I am talking about politics! LOL! Anyway, you get the point. So... during the View, mom called and I told her to come on over and we would go walking in the park. I then preceded to fiddle around the house til she got her so I could actually take a shower in peace without Gracie trying to open every cabinet in the bathroom(she is getting bored of the exersaucer) and scream and say "da da" until I get out and pick her back up. OK... where was I, oh yeah... got out of the shower, threw on some clothes, put my hair up(man I need a haircut) and we headed out. Got a foot long sub at Subway and headed to Miami Meadows. I have really come to enjoy my walks in the park. Of course, mom can barely walk half way around without having to stop(that is ok... I will have her walking faster in no time), but the break is fine with me. Gracie likes to sit and take everything in.

So... after the walk, we decided to go to Sears. The reason... my mom got the most adorable red purse, a Liz Claiborne no less, for $6!!!! Anyway... she said that she was thinking about getting us one for Christmas, but she didn't! I was crushed! This is a cute purse and for that price... argh! I wanted it. Well, we got there and they didn't have the same one. I was so bummed! But... luckily I found a similar one for myself. I was pretty happy with myself. After that we headed upstairs to look for a hat for Gracie. No hats... but they did have some really good deals on their clearance rack for next fall. Mom found some really cute things for Carly, and I got Grace a really cute sweater that I would love to have for myself, and 2 t-shirts. Not to bad. $7 in all.

Once we were done at Sears we headed out. We got a call from my dad saying that my aunt and uncle were in from Kentucky for the evening and so we decided to go on over to Imogene and Dempsey's to visit. So, after stopping to get Doug, we ate a quick dinner... the roast was pretty good, and then went on over. Doug decided that Honey would come with us, and she was actually pretty good. She got to go swimming in the pond, which she loved!

Well... that about wraps it up... just a fun day in all. Here are a few pics of Grace from the park. Until tomorrow... have a great night!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blue Eyes!

Check this out... I love this pic!!!

Not so easy...

Well, I am sitting here at my computer, listening to the sound of a crying baby over the monitor. She is so sleepy that she doesn't know what to do with herself. She has been crying for nearly 25 minutes... and just as I begin writing this... I don't want to jinx it, but... I do believe that she is finally giving up and realizing that napping would be better than sitting there crying! AMEN! Day 2 down... or at least almost! LOL!

So... my day has pretty much been filled with ba ba's, diaper changes(who knew that someone so small could make something so stinky! WHEW!) and soap opera's in the background of washing ba ba's and trying to get some sort of cleaning done. Once Gracie awakes from her nap... at least that is what I hope she is doing(either that or she has figured out how to build a ladder and is escaping as we speak) I plan on running to the Grocery store and picking up some much needed rations for the rest of the week. I haven't mentioned yet in this blog, but I am tackling Weight Watchers. This is a difficult thing, especially after a rough(not really) day of being wallered to death by a 8 1/2 month old munchkin. Of course... difficult because after a good wallerin'... the only thing that sounds good is a great big bowl of Extreme Moosetracks Ice Cream from Kroger. Oh... that is probably the one thing that I miss the most! YUMMO!!!! That... and the Cheesiest of Cheesy pizza... extra Cheese, Pepperoni... and mmmm.... mushrooms! Oh... I am sooooo not hungry.... just bored! LOL!

Ok... new subject! 27 Dresses comes out on DVD today! I am thrilled!!! This is one of the cutest, most romantic, adorable movies ever! I can't wait to watch it again. I went to the movies with my friend Aleathia and sister in law Jess and we loved it! We oohed and aahhed all the way through it! Very sweet! I highly recommend it! Whoops... I need to add that to my favorite movies list! :)

Well... before I go... I have to add some new pics of Grace. These were taken... of course, before the crying fit when trying to get her to take a nap. So... here they are.

This little piggy...

OK... so I know that it is a little early for a post already, but aren't these the cutest little piggies you have ever seen??? I just had to share! What a little stinker! LOL! Those are her new puppy jammies and they just look so cute on her! Mmmm... I could just kiss her up! :)
Talk to you soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

He is so cute!

Ok... I have to tell you this. This is the cutest thing I think Doug has ever said! LOL! Ok... we were just watching Dancing with the Stars and Doug was standing there watching Jason Taylor and Edyta and when he started swinging her around when she was doing that partial lift thing, Doug goes... "uh oh". I asked what he was uh ohing and he said... "Oh... I thought that they were going to do the Pamchenko". The funny thing about that... I have never made him watch the cutting edge... ever! LOL! Which means... he watched it without me! LOL! Sooo cute! Anyway... signing off for the night! Love, hugs and kisses!

By the way... this is my ultra cute hubby!

Bed time...

Well... I had to post some pics of Gracie in her brand new jammies! Her daddy just got done bathing her and she is squeaky clean and ready for bed!

One of those days...

So, you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you can't get anything accomplished and you just want to stay in bed, pull the covers up over your head and just go back to sleep. I knew that it was going to be one of those morning as soon as I woke up. First off... back back was bothering me, nothing new there, and then when I went in to get the baby, she wanted to cling to me every second. You know... very soon, I am sure there will be a point in time when she doesn't want me to cuddle her anymore, so I should really rellish these moments. However... today, she really didn't want me to put her down at all! Part of the problem is that on the weekends, when her daddy is home, she is held and played with, and basically spoiled more than she would normally be during the week. Also... in the recent past, I have had some back problems, so my mom and Doug's mom were both here and basically held Grace all the time, even through her naps. So, by 11, I was exhausted and my back was killing me. I decided that today was going to have to be a tough love kinda day. Well... I fed her some bananas at 11. She was still very clingy and I hadn't even had a shower yet... so I did it. I took her to her room, changed her diaper and put her in her bed. I took the monitor into the kitchen and as she cried, I just did everything that I could to keep myself from going in there and getting her out of her bed. Well... she cried... like seriously cried, for about 15 minutes straight. Then it started happening... slowly but surely the crying softened... then it was just a little snuffing here and there, to at last... a slow steady breathing. She was(da, da, daaaaa), asleep! I have literally... never been happier. I was a good moment in mommy time. For about the last month, she has refused to be laid down for a nap. Everytime that she would fall asleep, and I would try to lay her down, she would wake up. So... this is going to hopefully become a routine. I am just going to have to endure the crying, but hopefully this will be something I can keep up and eventually she will get used to just being laid down and go right to sleep... sure Can, keep dreaming! Well... until later!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My first "Real" Blog!

Well... here it is, my first "Real" blog. I have blogged before on myspace, but my goal for this is to actually update daily, which I don't really do on myspace, and to document the growing up of my beautiful little doll baby Gracie. I don't really have much to say tonight, plus I have to go and fold some clothes, but I do have some really cute pics to start off my blog with. These are some really cute pics that I took yesterday of Gracie-Lou-Lou! Hopefully I will do this correctly! :)

Well.... I am off to fold clothes now. I will be sure to check in tomorrow! Good night!