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Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, I have been promising a lot of blogging the last couple posts, but here I am again, no big post. Just a little update and some sad news.

The update is that my mom is doing really well. She had a shoulder replacement on Wednesday, and so far, is doing great. Of course, she is drugged up(ha ha!), but that is ok. We want her to stay comfy, and just get better. Along with this, I have been there for the last few days helping out. So... Praise God for the good outcome from this surgery, and please keep her in your prayers and we look forward to the weeks/months of therapy ahead.

Next, we found out today that Gracie has come down with Scarlet Fever(a.k.a. strep throat). Where she got it... who knows. Thank goodness she broke out with the rash, otherwise it could have gone undetected. Praise God for the rash(I know that sounds strange... but if there was no rash, we would have never known she was sick with Strep). We took her to the Doc today and she is now on Amoxicillian and hopefully will be well on her way to feeling better in no time. :)Also, please pray that she does not end up with some weird reaction to her medicine... both Doug and I have allergies to Amoxicillian/penicillin, and we are hoping that she is not affected by that.

Finally... please pray for my husband's cousin Tiff today. Last night when I got home from staying with my mom for the day, I was reading my e-mails and found an e-mail saying that earlier in the week she had gone to the Dr for her monthly check up for her pregnancy(she was 14/almost 15 weeks along), and when they did her check up and was listening for a heartbeat, they couldn't find one; however, the same thing happened when she was expecting her first son, Hayden. So, as they had done with Hayden, the Dr scheduled a follow-up appointment a few days later, to do a sonogram. Sadly, when they did the sonogram, there still was no heartbeat. I am not sure of everything that has gone on, but I know that the baby was a little boy, and they are planning on a burial next Friday. This has just broken my heart. Please pray for this sweet family. Justin and Tiffany are the youth leaders at their church, and love the Lord. I have no doubt that they will seek comfort in Him.

Please say a small prayer for me as well... this has opened a freshly healing wound, but please pray that I can the moral support for Tiffany, and encourage her, and that God gives me the words to comfort her as she needs.

Thanks and I promise... more blogging to come!

Random Picture Challenge!

So, here we are... playing once again with:

This is my 44th picture from my November 2007 folder.

These are my wonderfully adorable nieces, nephews and Gracie at the ripe old age of almost 3 months old! We went to a local park, and this was part of the famiy pictures that we took that day.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30- January 30th!

Well, I wasn't with my girly girl all day today because I was at my momma's house taking care of her. But... I did get these pics tonight when I got home. :) How many stuffed animals and baby dolls does one girl need... apparently a million! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Button...

Hey there! My friend Stephanie is about to hit her 100th post... so she is planning on a special contest for her readers. Head on over, and if you are following her blog, you can hear all about it. I just added her button over to the right side of my screen, but I will post it here as well. Be sure to visit her, and let her know where you came from! :)

Confessions of a Student Nurse

Also... while you are at it, if you are new here... and just stopping by, I would be more than happy to have some new people that are following my blog! I will mention you personally in my blog, and definitely show you some bloggy love! :)

By the way... I know that I promised an update from my very busy weekend and early part of this week, but the day was a little hectice, so I wasn't able to get it together today like I had hoped. I will do my best to get that up tomorrow evening. I am staying the night here at my parents, because my momma just had shoulder replacement surgery and my daddy has to go back to work tomorrow, so my hubby brought me down here and after dinner, headed back home. It is hard for me to be away from my girly girl, but... she will be at her Grandma Mac's tomorrow, so I am sure she will be in seventh heaven! :)

So... until later! Lots of love! :)


Day 29- January 29th

I am in some serious need for organization!

Watching Mary Poppins.

day 28- January 28th

I know I have a million favorites... but this is up there!

Waking up from her nap!

Another favorite...

Day 26- January 26th

Day 25-January 25th

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

So much for not letting the dog on the couch... can you imagine what happens when I am not home?

And.... well, this is just cute!

Where has this week gone?... again!

So, I have a lot to blog about this week. Of course, I am going to try to put it in several different posts, so as not to overload you all will one HUGE post. But... first things first:

Welcome to my new friends who have joined my little circle of friends. We have 2 new following my erratic blog schedule... sorry about that. I will try to do better! :) So... welcome to Life of a Princess A.K.A (Jalena's Mommy)and Lisa's Lovable Tales.
So... hopefully, to give you a preview of what is to come, I will post about our night at Doug's church's Costume Party, my niece C's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, Praising God for answered prayers for Baby Harper... wait, let's do that now! PRAISE GOD... Kelly and Scott over at Kelly's Korner got to hold that precious little girl of theirs for the first time!!! How wonderful!!! She is just gorgeous and we know that God's healing touch has been upon her. What a blessing! It is just awesome! I know how she must feel, somewhat... more about that later, too.

Ok... so I have to do a few things, then hopefully I will be back later today! Hope you are all staying warm... we are iced in, with several inches of snow/then ice/then more snow! Thankfully, we have our electric for now! Hopefully that will continue!

Much love!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not me! Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well... another week has come and gone, and the following are things that I most certainly have not done, and even if I did... why would I admit to it here in my blog! Be SERIOUS!!!

First of all... I am so particular about not letting my dog up on the furniture, that when I turned around and saw this pretty little girl sitting in my chair, instead of telling her to get down, I most certainly did not grab my camera and take several really cute pictures like these:
Nope! Not me!

Also, while I am at it, I definitely am not the kind of niece that would go to the hospital and take pictures of my Great Aunt Imogene right before she had surgery, just because she has blackmail-worthy pictures of me, which she keeps in her bible and sometimes pulls out during our church service, just to be able to get a giggle out of me. And then... I surely would not put them in this blog! Nope... I definitely would not do this...:

Not me!

Once again... I most certainly do no lose complete control, and think that my daughter is soooo cute and makes the cutest Abby Cadabby, and while at a children's costume party at my husbands church would not forget about everything else that is going on, and stand and take way too many pictures of my daughter. I mean come on... who would do this?
And of course... I would not then proceed to put the cute little headband that came with my daughter's Abby Cadabby costume on my mom, dad and husband's head, and then take pictures of them for the pure enjoyment of it...

Nope... not me!

And finally... I would not get up in the middle of the night to finish this, in hopes that while I was up writing this, maybe, just maybe, MckMama would post her "Not me! Monday" at midnight her time, and then I could sneak my "not me's!" in at the top of the list! LOL! Nope... not me... (by the way... I also did not get caught by my sleepy husband at 4:15 am, writing this post, and get told to come back to bed! Nope... not me!)

Day 24- January 24th

My little Abby Cadabby! My husband's church had a kid winter party, and it was a costume party. So much fun! :)

I just had to share... they made gingerbread houses... This is my niece Tori's house,

and this is my niece Jennifer's. As you can tell... they worked very hard on them!

Day 23-January 23rd

The perfect grilled cheese... seriously, it really was! LOL!

This was during dinner the same night... momma also makes the perfect pizza!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 3.0

Playing along again this week with:

This weeks random pictures is August 2007/30th picture.

It just so happens that this was on Grace's birthday!

She was just minutes old at this point... you can almost hear those healthy lungs!
She was 8lbs 13oz and just the most beautiful baby
I hadever seen.
Still is... but I am her momma! I am allowed to say that! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry... I am trying not to be a bummer!

Sorry for such a downer post... I am just really bummed today. I try not to let myself get down like this, because inevitably when I do get down and out, Doug just doesn't understand, and instead of just letting me have a crappy day, he gets mad at me because I don't want to talk about it. I know I should talk to him, but it just isn't that easy.

Also, I want to explain my "food issues" thing a little better. I have always dealt with stress, hurts, anxieties and so much more with comfort food. So, back in March of last year, I started back at Weight Watcher's. I was doing great. By the end of summer, I was down approximately 40 lbs. I was feeling good, and looking better. I was really doing it. Then in September, not to make excuses, I went on vacation to Florida with my mom and Grace. I followed that up by coming home and going on vacation with my husband and Grace. I wasn't that bad, but I had gained a pound or two. Of course, I lost it right away.

Skip ahead to the beginning of December. Doug and I had casually talked about having another baby. We decided to use the "let what happens happen" method. I will be honest, I was having mixed feelings about having another baby right now, only because I really wanted to get under 300(yes... I said that-go visit my weight loss blog and you will see I can be pretty honest about my weight). I was so close. But, about a week after my birthday(just like when I was pregnant with Grace) I took the test, and... sure enough, it was positive. I could not have been happier. See:

So, of course, as any self-respecting pregnant girl, I was not that concerned with my diet through the holidays. I swore to myself that right after the New Year, I was right back on my Weight Watcher's even though I was not technically allowed to go to my meetings. Of course, January 2nd came around, and that is when things really fell apart. Since then, I have just wanted to comfort myself with things like Steak Hoagies, Pizza, Chinese food, Olive Garden, and Chipotle, just to name a few things. :) I know that I need to get back on that horse... start working out again, and then.... let things just happen. Work on getting my self back into order, and then maybe things will just fall back into place... and that little baby will come when we least expect it. God does not want me to abuse my body this way, I know this. I really do.

So... the plan for me right now is to start back to my meetings next Wednesday. I would love to get my friend Aleathia to come to meetings with me. That would be a huge help.

Ok... so enough whining for me tonight. I am going to post my pics for the day over at my other blog, and then I am going to start on my story about when Grace was born. She will be 18 months old in about 2 weeks... where has the time gone???

So... one last thing... I love your comments! I really love my friends that are following along with me! Mindy, Marshan, Ohilda, and Sara! And.... a special shoutout to my Indiana neighbor... Stephanie... How'ya doin'! :) Love being "friends" with you on facebook! :) You are all such sweethearts! I love you girls! So... if you wanna be one of my really good friends... why don't you hit that follow button and join in on the fun! I promise... I will be fun again! :) Love ya's!

Stress, anxiety, sadness, frustration...

Yesterday I had, what I was hoping to be my last, blood test to check that stupid HCG level. Well, I got a call this morning saying that it is down to 12.8, and they want it under 5 before they stop testing me. This is soooo frustrating. It has been 3 weeks! Why is this taking so long? There are so many things that I want to say, talk about, cry about and just... get out, and I can't find the freaking words to do it. I guess you could call this one of those bad days.

We tried, by not "preventing" it, for almost a year, and then about 6-9 months of real "trying" before we actually got pregnant with Grace. So, this time, when after only a month of "not not trying", and we got pregnant, I really thought that maybe this time it just wasn't going to be that hard. But then, the miscarriage, and now I just don't know what to think. I am trying really hard to be positive, but deep down, I am just still hurting so badly. And... for everyone who knows me(in real life) or has read my other blog knows that I deal with food issues. My issue is that I use it to fill a void. Well, I have literally been feeding myself silly trying to take away my anxieties over getting pregnant again, and when I will become pregnant, and if what happened this time will happen next time. I have literally fallen off the Weight Watcher's wagon, and I have jumped right back onto the "Fat Girl and loving it" wagon. I know I am just feeding my frustrating feelings and hurt heart. I know that I need to get back on the WW wagon, but right now, I can't even see it.

So... that is all that I have to say. That... and this, please pray for me. I am having a rough day.

Also... if you stop by and read this, please leave me a comment. Your comments always make me feel better!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22- January 22nd

Day 21- January 21st

How many times do you have to say "no" in one day... I am thinking about starting a count.

Aww.... so Innocent looking.

Day 20- January 20th

This is my Great Aunt Imgogene.... yes, I am taking a picture of her moments before she is getting ready to go in for knee replacement surgery. No... I am not an awful great-niece. You should see the pictures that she has of me... just waking up.... and she keeps it in her bible. Yes... really.

And... here is her cute pedicure that she got before her surgery.

Day 19- January 19th

The best pizza. In the world! Of course... with the one, no, two exceptions: Mine and Godfather's!

The cutest kid. In the world.... no exceptions. Ok... this is just my personal opinion.

And... this is what I do every other Monday night. I bowl on a church league with my daddy! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is anyone out there?

So.... (which, I just want to say... I am officially going to apologize, right here, right now. I am apologizing for over-using the teeny tiny word "so", as well as dot-dot-dot, or better known to you as "...".) There, now that is over with.... ha ha!

Anyway... so, I was just wondering, is anyone else out there? I am up at 1:33 a.m. and I am baking cookies. Why, you might ask. I have no idea. I didn't have a nap today, nor did I take my vitamins that give me more energy than one person needs... however, I did have a diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper at 10 p.m., but I will adamantly deny if anyone tried to tell me that it was probably the caffeine is probably why I am still up and typing very fast, kind of like the way that I talk when I am on a caffeine high... seriously... don't say it. I mean it... don't even think it.

Ok...(wow... that is another one that I use a lot! Sorry again! LOL!). By the way... Terah I can hear you laughing at me, and saying, yes... Candace, you are seriously high on Caffeine! LOL! You have seen me this way WAY too many times for me to deny it... "My name is Candace, and I am a caffeine-aholic." "Hi Candace!" Again... getting off track.

I have decided that since I am up at nearly 2 in the morning(yeah... by the time I post that, it will be nearly 2 in the morning... my time) that I am going to tell you a few things that I have learned while baking cookies at 2 in the morning.

1.) When you are trying to be really quiet so not to wake your loving husband who is sound asleep, it is inevitable that you are going to either drop a cookie sheet, stub your foot, hit a door that you thought was open and make a HUGE noise, have to pee 3 times(thank you Dr Pepper) and knock over your vitamin box.

2.) Even if I have seen that particular episode of "Friends" a hundred times... it is still funny and never gets old.

3.) At 2 in the morning... my dog snores really loud and I love her for it. :)

4.) When I am not "trying" at all, that is when my cookies turn out the best ever... and Doug isn't awake to appreciate it at all! I mean... they are really the best right out of the oven! Poor guy...

5.) I feel really stupid after taking these pictures.... not really... but I do think I really have too much time on my hands, and I am going to wish that I had been sleeping instead of baking cookies and taking pictures of it. LOL!

6.) I love the twilight books... this isn't something that I learned, rather something I just felt compelled to share with you.

7.) I have learned... cookie dough tastes really good in the middle of the night! Seriously... there is something so wrong with me.

So... those are just a few things that I have learned. Please pray for me... I am really going to hate myself in the morning. Oh well... Good night!

Write to me and tell me if you ever have one of these nights... it would help me feel a little less weird! LOL!

Day 18-January 18th

Pappaw's girl...(one of them, anyway!)

Mammaw and her girls!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 17-January 17th

Here is Grace, in one of my favorite outfits that she has! I just love that little ladybug! :)

This is the group that went to Dancing with the Stars. From left to right... Abby(in the pink), Emma, me, Lois(with the blue scarf), Terah, and my aunt Cathy. My sister in law Jess is the one down low in the front. We had a great time and hopefully will get to go again next year!

I will try to add a caption later! :)