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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson!

One year ago(yesterday), this beautiful baby boy came into our lives…


and now,


he is 1 year old!

Where has this year gone?


To my son:


You are a true JOY! You smile all the time(even when you are sick… which you happen to have a cold on your first Birthday!).

You are not walking yet, but you are very close. I am pretty sure that instead of just walking, you will be running before I know it.

You love your big sissy Grace! You love to grab her pretty blonde hair and any time that she is within arm's length of your playpen, you show her that love.

You laugh and smile all the time! Even while teething… we never know when a new tooth comes in because your mood never changes! You are just so precious to us!

We thank God for you every day! Happy Birthday sweet boy!