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Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST... update

Ok, I was just watching the "secret" endings to the Lost finale last night, and they showed the alternate endings that could have possibly been used, just in case the original ending got leaked. Well... the alternate dead people were Sawyer(who looked really nice in a suit, but they didn't have his face clean shaven like they did the original person), and then Desmond in the second alternate. Oh... I am so glad that they stuck with the alternate ending, but man... I am dying to see next season already! They really need to have a regular, full season and start it in the fall. I love this show... and can honestly say, I think it is now one of my favorites. I would love to eventually get the full series on DVD. Maybe some day... when I win the lottery... or my dad win's, I should say! LOL!

Gracie Rocking out

My daughter is officially ridiculous! You have to watch her rocking out in her new chair that her aunt Jess and cousin Carly gave her. This chair is toooooo cute and Gracie loves it! Thanks Jess!!!(oh yeah,and Carly Mae!).

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I had stopped watching it the second season, only to get caught back up into it the 3rd season, now, here I am in the 4th season... and I am addicted! It was amazing tonight! I was completely shocked at the final minute, not expecting the person in the casket to be who it was.... just in case anyone is a fan, I will keep my mouth shut til later. It was so good... I really can't wait til next season. It is going to be a long year! LOL! Anyway... just had to say that! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day... a few days late

We had a really great Memorial Day Weekend. I already talked about Saturday and posted some of the pics from our impromtu picnic we had after church. Here are a few more of my favorites... Doug tickling Gracie with a blade of grass!

Ooohh... I just love that smile!

Daddy stealing Grace's hat!

Gracie taking it back! LOL!
Sunday night we went to my Aunt Cathy's house and hung out with my parents, brother and his family, and The Frady Bunch(my aunt has 4 kids and Dave had one, and when they married... you get the idea! LOL!) My little cousin Abby(who I actually feel like her aunt, but whatever...) has the cutest puppies ever! They are Miniature Schnauzers and they are so cute! I want one sooo bad! Anyway... here are some pics from that night....

Monday... just hung around the house and then went to John and Peg's where we had dinner with my mom and dad, Doug's parents, and Peg's brother... Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue. We had such a nice night of fellowship and just gabbing. It was a nice end to a lovely weekend. Here are some pics from Monday night at the McClain's. :)

Screaming Naptime

OH MY GOODNESS... I am getting so frustrated! I have really been trying to get Gracie to take a nap every day around the same time. The weekends, she usually falls asleep in the car on the way to church, or on the way home from church, and then she will usually stay asleep. However, Monday's roll around and then things are just so screwed up. Well... today is another day of screaming naptime. The weird thing is that she was ASLEEP in her exersaucer, and when I picked her up, she was still asleep... then as soon as she got to her bed, she wakes up, SCREAMING!!!!! This is getting ridiculous. Right now... as I write this, she has screamed, in her bed for 20 minutes. Will this ever come to an end? Will she ever just accept that it is naptime. I would not usually put her in for a nap this early, but she was asleep! What am I doing wrong? ARGH!

New adventures of Gracie Mac...

Well, since I last Blogged... my daughter is officially a crawler! Yes... she is actually crawling! Of course, I have it on video, and I will post it later, but it is so cute! She started officially crawling over the weekend. I caught it on video on Monday at my mother and father in law's.

So... on other news, I am tired. LOL! Of course, I haven't blogged in a little while, but not much else has been going on. We had a really nice weekend. Saturday, after Doug's church services, we went to the local market and got a really good Turkey sandwich and some other goodies and went to the park and had a nice picnic. Of course, I tested out my new camera and got some AMAZING shots of Grace. Here are a few of my favorite...

Of course there are at least a hundred more, but I could only load a few. I need to add a slide show, but haven't gotten that far yet... maybe next time. :)
Well... will post more later. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Blog

Well I have finally started my weight loss blog. For anyone interested... the link is: http://candaceisgoingtoloseit.blogspot.com/

Yeah, that is a long URL, but Losing it was taken. :) So... Spoiler alert... it actually reveals my true weight. Whoops... it actually tells my weight from 2 weeks ago, but that is ok, I will update tomorrow with my current weight. :)

So... don't judge me! Just kidding... LOL!

It's just a phase...

"it's just a phase"... I keep telling myself this. I am always telling myself this these days. I am trying to be strong. I know I have to keep strong. Right now... I am sitting in silence... for the first time in nearly an hour. It started around 12... actually, more like 12:30. I decided to give Gracie a bath at noon today, in hopes that it would calm her down and help her get a well needed nap. So, we bathed her, I rubbed her down with that wonderful smelling lotion that is supposed to help relax babies. Got her in a nice new outfit, and then I did it... started the screamer in my child. I laid her down, in her bed that she has been happily sleeping in for the last several months, with no complaint, and she started screaming!

These days... if she even feels us moving towards her bedroom(even when she is SOUND ASLEEP), she wakes up and starts whining! I feel as if I am literally losing my mind. I keep telling myself, it is just a phase. She will grow out of this. She is just getting to that age. But... inside, I just don't believe it! I really can't understand why a child that has been the model for the perfect baby(and I know that no baby is perfect, but she hardly ever cries, went to bed without issue, and slept through the night from the time that she was 3 months old!), is all of a sudden turning into medusa when it is nap/bed time. I need help... I know that I need to stay strong, but this is really hard. I know that motherhood is not easy, but this has no words for it. Thankfully I have friends that are telling me that I am doing the right thing, because these days, I feel lost in this. Confused is not even the word!

Ok... enough of that. I am tired and GRace is quiet.... I am going to give myself a treat. M&M's... here I come. Don't worry... I have the points for them! LOL! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 years ago today...

I married my best friend. The day was perfect... him in his tux... me in my white dress... surrounded by friends, family and in front of God. It was beautiful.

Our story started the August before, online if you can believe it! We chatted for a month, then we met, then a week after my birthday(December 2nd is my b-day), he officially proposed. It was reallly cute... we were in my kitchen and he got down on one knee. Actually, he was trying to get me to look at some ring books so that we could try to figure out what I liked, but all along... he had it in his pocket. He said later that he was going to propose on my b-day, but something got messed up. Anyway... So, here we are, 4 years later! We have our rough days, like anyone, but we still love eachother as much as the day we were married...

By the way... Doug has made me a deal... when I get to my weight goal, he is going to marry me all over again! We are going to have a Vow Renewal down in Gatlinburg, me in my dress, him in a tux! I can't wait! :) My goal is to lose approximately 3 lbs a week for the next year... I know that sounds like a lot... but for me it isn't. Anyway... It gives me something to look forward to! :)

SOooooooo EXCITED!

So... today is my 4 year wedding anniversary and last night Doug and I went out to get "our" gift that we are going to share. I am so excited and have been waiting for this for a long time! I, uh-um... rather, we, got a brand new Nikon SLR D-40 camera! I am soooooo excited! I am an aspiring wedding photographer and this is one step close to being able to be considered... "professional". I had a really bad experience last week. The mother of the Bride of the big wedding that I had scheduled for August called and said that they decided to go with a "professional" photographer. WHAT??? That just crushed me. You wanna know why... because she said that the "real" photographers were going to have backup cameras and they assured her that they would have backups incase a problem occured with the first camera. This is exactly what I told her I would have, which is true, and I was only charging a FRACTION of what they will probably be charging her. I was livid. I really wanted to go through the phone and shake her. I got off the phone and cried my eyes out. Oh well... they are now wanting up to do the video for the wedding and they offered to pay me the same amount that they were going to pay me for the photography. I just can't bring myself to say yes. First of all... that is a lot of money for just a video. Second of all... I am not a videographer! My mom usually does video for family, but this is nothing professional. I am tempted to take it, take the money and just give them a crappy video... but I have a conscience. So... I am not sure what I am going to do. I guess I will take it. Videoing will be a lot easier anyway... I won't have to tell people to "stand still" or "smile". Ok... this started out about my camera... not my encounter with a Bridezilla! What a creep! LOL! ANyway... I have said it.. now I will forget it! :) Sorry for the rant....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Won!

LOL! OK... I know that was dumb... of course a David was going to win! I am excited to say that David Cook took the main prize tonight.

What an exciting moment! I really and truly did not really care for him in the beginning. I really liked David A. and wanted him to win... but then a strange thing started, I began to be really impressed with this rocker boy. He was original and made the songs his own. I am happy of the outcome... of course, I still like Archie, as they call him, but David Cook really deserved it! Congrats David!

Dontcha wish you had legs like these?

Ok... so I have an adorable child! I just have to share these ridiculously cute pics that I took a few weeks back. I just love these shoes... and feet! LOL!

Yes... those are pink Dorothy slippers!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bathing in the Sink

I think... at one time or another, mom's grandbabies have all had their bath in her kitchen sink. It was Gracie's turn... here are a few cute pics from the event! :)

Amazed by the water!
Playing Peek-a-boo with mammaw!
Look at that smile!
No truer words have ever been spoken...
Love the "doo"!

Just want to share...

I have got to share a pic of my family... this is from my nephew's b-day at Chuck E. Cheese. Actually... I can never just share one pic at a time...

Here is my ultra cute nephew with good ole' Chuck!(Ian is the short one on the left!LOL!)

Here I am with my Sister in law Jess,

and my adorable niece Carly Mae(Mae-Mae for short)

Doug and Dad being kids...
Here is Carly with little Gracie!
Awww.... Gracie really loves her cousin Ian. By the way... Gracie's nickname is Cutie Pie, given to her before she was even born by none other than Ian... It has stuck... she is affectionately known as Cutie Pie! Here is my brother, Brad... who is that basketball headed baby he is holding?
Awww... just Mae-mae sinking a basket!
Here is the whole lot of us... from left to right:

Dad, Brad, Carly, Jess with Gracie, Mom, Ian, me and Doug. We are a gnarly group! LOL!

Here is Brad and his family outside of CEC!

So... that is the lot of us... we are a group, indeed.