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Thursday, June 16, 2011

We {heart} Kings Island!

Alternately titled: The post with a million pictures! Smile

We had BEAUTIFUL weather early this week. I mean, it was AMAZING!!! So, to enjoy this week with amazing weather, we decided that we would take Grace and Jack to Kings Island. I have posted about Grace’s favorite place before, but let me tell you… her love seems to grow for Kings Island every winter!

So, here is a pictorial of our afternoon at “The Island”.


This picture below is my favorite! I am not sure why, but it is… DSCN1389DSCN1391DSCN1393DSCN1395DSCN1394DSCN1397DSCN1398DSCN1402DSCN1405

And now… Jack has a question for you…


Hey… do you wanna see my belly?


Here is a little bit…


and a little more…


and all of it!


OK… that is all! Smile 


He is so silly!

Til next time…

Gracie and Jack’s momma!