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Friday, August 29, 2008

Grace's birthday party... again, still catching up! :)

So, the birthday party was a huge success! Somehow, we managed to have the most BEAUTIFUL day of the entire year! I am not exagerating either! Last year, the week that I had Grace, was literally the hottest week of the year. Somehow, this year, the same week, the weather was the most amazing weather anyone has ever seen or experienced! How did we manage to get such a beautiful day for a picnic planned in the middle of August? God is good... that is the only answer I have.

So, the morning started out with me finishing up decorating the cupcakes for the cupcake tower that I was making for the party. It turned out pretty cute, but next year, I am just going to make a regular cake! I am sure that would have been so much easier! After that, we got Grace ready and sent her off to church with my brother and his family, where from what I hear, Grace attatched herself to my cousin Abby's hip and that is where she stayed. She has become very attatched to her cousin Abby and rightfully so... Abby was attatched to my hip when she was that age!

Anyway... so we got there pretty early and got everything decorated just in time before everyone arrived. It turned out just like I had hoped... we had plenty of food (our menu was fried chicken, chicken nuggets for the kids, and lots of yummy sides like potato salad, green beans and my mom's famous Asian Coleslaw!), family, friends and Gracie! The only bummer was that when Grace was getting ready for her cake, she touched the candle after we blew it out, and didn't burn herself, thankfully, but it scared her and she ended up crying! She didn't even get to dive into her cake! I was so sad, but that is ok... I am sure that she will make up for it next year! :)

Other than that, everything was perfect! Here are a few collages that I have put together to share! It was truly a perfect day!!!!