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Friday, December 11, 2009


Have you ever been a victim of a double standard?

I have been told by my husband on several occasions that I have no respect for him and that I need to respect him more, however, the next day... he turns around and does something so disrespectful that I am nearly in tears.

What do you do in this situation? Does every married couple go through this? I am just exhausted from frustration. Sorry... i will try to be perky again tomorrow.


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I'm sorry you feel this way! It's amazing that relationships can bring us the most joy but also th emost pain...we can't win sometimes!

However, there are times I wish I had your problem. I know being in a relationship, whether married or dating, is challenging but being single has been nothing short of a nightmare lately.

Fire Wife said...

LOL. I sympathize with both Candace & Stephanie!

Candace - I understand where you are coming from. And yes, we really do need to get together sometime SOON!

Stephanie - I was single until I was 30 yo, and I totally understand what you mean. Hang in there!