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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not so easy...

Well, I am sitting here at my computer, listening to the sound of a crying baby over the monitor. She is so sleepy that she doesn't know what to do with herself. She has been crying for nearly 25 minutes... and just as I begin writing this... I don't want to jinx it, but... I do believe that she is finally giving up and realizing that napping would be better than sitting there crying! AMEN! Day 2 down... or at least almost! LOL!

So... my day has pretty much been filled with ba ba's, diaper changes(who knew that someone so small could make something so stinky! WHEW!) and soap opera's in the background of washing ba ba's and trying to get some sort of cleaning done. Once Gracie awakes from her nap... at least that is what I hope she is doing(either that or she has figured out how to build a ladder and is escaping as we speak) I plan on running to the Grocery store and picking up some much needed rations for the rest of the week. I haven't mentioned yet in this blog, but I am tackling Weight Watchers. This is a difficult thing, especially after a rough(not really) day of being wallered to death by a 8 1/2 month old munchkin. Of course... difficult because after a good wallerin'... the only thing that sounds good is a great big bowl of Extreme Moosetracks Ice Cream from Kroger. Oh... that is probably the one thing that I miss the most! YUMMO!!!! That... and the Cheesiest of Cheesy pizza... extra Cheese, Pepperoni... and mmmm.... mushrooms! Oh... I am sooooo not hungry.... just bored! LOL!

Ok... new subject! 27 Dresses comes out on DVD today! I am thrilled!!! This is one of the cutest, most romantic, adorable movies ever! I can't wait to watch it again. I went to the movies with my friend Aleathia and sister in law Jess and we loved it! We oohed and aahhed all the way through it! Very sweet! I highly recommend it! Whoops... I need to add that to my favorite movies list! :)

Well... before I go... I have to add some new pics of Grace. These were taken... of course, before the crying fit when trying to get her to take a nap. So... here they are.