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Friday, August 29, 2008

My husband's new addiction...

Ok, so it could be worse, but his new addiction is Kings Island. So, we have had Kings Island Season Passes all year... ever since last fall, and all summer I have said that we needed to be using our passes. We needed to go so we could get our moneys worth. Well, we went a few times, did the water park, and had a really good time. We even took Grace on her actualy birthday, as I am sure that you remember by reading my blogs.

I don't know what happened, maybe it was the fact that it was getting close to the end of the year and the weather changed and he decided that it would be nice to go. Or, maybe it was partially because I have lost weight and can actually ride rides that I haven't been able to ride in 3 or 4 years, and for the first time, we actually rode those rides. Whatever the case, Doug is a Kings Island Junkie now! Me, I have lived here my entire life and have had a pass since I was 7 or 8 years old. I even worked at Kings Island for 3 summers while in high school. I was supposed to even come back a 4th year and become a supervisor, but changed my mind and stayed at Lane Bryant(for better or worse, I am not really sure!). Anyway... so, last week was the last week that the park was opened during the week so we started out on Tuesday and went to the water park and even went into the park and rode a few rides. Actually... we just rode the White Water Canyon 3 times in a row and then the Wild Thornberries ride. But, that was a blast! Here are some pics from that first night with the family. We were there with my parents and my nephew... in the collage, doesn't my nephew look like he could be Doug's kid? I think his is hilarious! More about him later! LOL!

Check out the look on the ladies face next to my dad on the left... it was funny!

Gracie on her daddy's car.
Looking at the baby in the window!

So... then we preceded to go 3 more days in a row! Two of those days, it was just Doug and I. We had 2 date nights. That was a lot of fun. The first night, we rode Delirium, Faceoff(which is now Invertigo), Congo Falls, and the Son of Beast! YUCK!!! I hated that ride! I usually like the Beast, but seriously... this ride was rough! I do not think I will ever get on that ride again! Anyway... that is just my opinion!

So, the 3rd night we decided to head back to the other rollercoasters(after the water park where we rode the Tasmanian Typhoon for the first time!!!)... The Flight of Fear, the indoor coaster, and Firehawk. Ok.... so let me just say, I have never been so scared in my entire life as I was on that stupid Firehawk. That is frightening! I have ridden coasters my entire life, and I was petrified! It was crazy fun though! I don't know what it is about a rollercoaster, and the fear, but I actually got back on it the next night... go figure.

So, the 4th day, we did the water park again, and that is when we rode the Tasmanian Typhoon with my dad, hence the crazy video!

Here are some more pics from that night:

So that was our adventurous week... I am pretty sure that next summer we are getting passes. Doug is already sad that the park is closed during the week. He is already talking about next year! Oh my... I have created a monster. The only bad thing last week was that not all of the restaurants were opened so Doug and dad didn't get their smoked Turkey legs... those things are awesome!!!

Talk to you again soon!

Tasmanian Typhoon

This is the funnest ride in the entire water park! The first time that the 3 of us road this ride, I came out of the tunnel backward and literally was so scared... this time though, my dad was out of the tunnel first and thought that I was going to fall down on him! It was so much fun! I will write more about our Kings Island Adventures shortly! :)

Grace is Walking!

Well... I have mentioned it a few times, but here is the video! Grace is finally walking! How cute is that??? YEAH!

Grace's birthday party... again, still catching up! :)

So, the birthday party was a huge success! Somehow, we managed to have the most BEAUTIFUL day of the entire year! I am not exagerating either! Last year, the week that I had Grace, was literally the hottest week of the year. Somehow, this year, the same week, the weather was the most amazing weather anyone has ever seen or experienced! How did we manage to get such a beautiful day for a picnic planned in the middle of August? God is good... that is the only answer I have.

So, the morning started out with me finishing up decorating the cupcakes for the cupcake tower that I was making for the party. It turned out pretty cute, but next year, I am just going to make a regular cake! I am sure that would have been so much easier! After that, we got Grace ready and sent her off to church with my brother and his family, where from what I hear, Grace attatched herself to my cousin Abby's hip and that is where she stayed. She has become very attatched to her cousin Abby and rightfully so... Abby was attatched to my hip when she was that age!

Anyway... so we got there pretty early and got everything decorated just in time before everyone arrived. It turned out just like I had hoped... we had plenty of food (our menu was fried chicken, chicken nuggets for the kids, and lots of yummy sides like potato salad, green beans and my mom's famous Asian Coleslaw!), family, friends and Gracie! The only bummer was that when Grace was getting ready for her cake, she touched the candle after we blew it out, and didn't burn herself, thankfully, but it scared her and she ended up crying! She didn't even get to dive into her cake! I was so sad, but that is ok... I am sure that she will make up for it next year! :)

Other than that, everything was perfect! Here are a few collages that I have put together to share! It was truly a perfect day!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing catch-up!

Ok, so I am going to try to catch up where I have been a huge slacker on my blogging.

This summer has been so crazy! I feel like it has truly flown by! I feel like just yesterday is was still winter and we were anticipating the busy summer. Once it got started, it was here and gone before we even blinked! This is the summer of the party... you will understand why in just a moment!~ :O)

To start things off... I went to the 40th birthday party of a really good friend that I used to work with. Andrea is such a great person, and her party was so much fun. I really enjoyed hanging with all my old friends from Trinity. Some of them, I have actually known for 10+ years!

However, where things got really hectic was with all the bridal showers that I went to. I went to a personal shower:a family Pampered Chef Bridal shower (which I had to say, I really enjoyed!):and the church shower :of my cousin Michelle. Let's just say... I am just about partied out!

Next, was Michelle's wedding. I was a little more than just a guest here, I was actually the photographer and the mother of one of the flower girls. Grace was pulled in a wagon by her cousin's, which was so cute! Let me just share this... the night of the rehearsal dinner, Grace and Hayden did wonderful! They were smiling... and laughing, and waving!

They did perfect! We were all a little skeptical, but it turned out perfect. So, the next day comes along and they were all dressed up and cute, and Grace, who was in desperate need of a nap, was still really good... however right before they went down the isle, my cousin Abby who was helping out with the children, noticed that Grace had her head down. Well, they thought that she was pouting because Hayden was taking the puffys in the wagon, however she wasn't pouting, she was asleep! It was so cute. So, as Jennifer and Nathan was pulling her down the isle, they must have hit a bump, because this is the look that I got when they were passing me in the isle! Priceless!!!

Here are the rest of the pics from the wedding... (I really love this smilebox thing!)
Click to play Michelle's wedding
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The next weekend after Matthew and Michelle's wedding we had another wedding. This was for the girl that I had originally been hired as the photographer, but then got snakes out of the job by a professional. Let's just say... everything that photographer did, I could do better. So... if you ever hear of anyone using Beach photography, let them know to stear clear! They are over priced, and the person that they were told would be doing the wedding didn't even show up... he sent his wife instead! Ok... so that was my one mean moment. Here are a few (and... when I say a few, I mean, a lot!) pics that I took from that wedding...

So... that brings us up to Grace's birthday party. I am going to finish that tomorrow. After that, I only have one more thing to talk about, then I will be completely caught up! Go figure! :) Here is a hint... ok, I will just say it! Grace is walking! YEAH!!!! :)

So... until tomorrow! Have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OK, I had a very vivid dream, but I am not going to explain it, however if Terah is reading this, please check your e-mail... the dream was about you, and it was awesome! Strange... a bit, but so good! You are going to crack up! Ok... so, now go check your e-mail then call me!

Sorry.... I will do a real blog later today. So much to talk about! Grace is actually walking now! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Click to play Gracie's Birthday Party
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow... am I behind!

Ok, so here are the pics from Gracie's actual birthday night when we went to Kings Island with the grandparents last Thursday night... the pics from her party are still being worked on... we had 3+cameras running, so it has been a little difficult getting things put together.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Gracie

Wow! I can't believe that it has been an entire year! Where has this time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that this beautiful baby came into to our lives and now she is already one year old! It has been such a wondeful, exciting, fun filled year. We have experienced late night feedings, teething, learning to crawl, pulling herself up, taking small steps, runny noses, fevers, and of course... the chicken pox! Gracie jabbers all the time, loves to sing and her favorite movie of all time(my go to movie when all else fails!) is Enchanted, and she can even say hi now. She has mastered momma and dadda, and also found her nose this week(of course, as you saw in my last post, the finger usually ends up in her nose, but like everyone of my friends have said... all kids do it! LOL!).

There is so much more to share... but so little time to do it in. In a nutshell... she is the light of our lives. I can hardly remember what it was like before she came.... and couldn't imagine a minute without her here. Life is good... blessed!

Tonight, for her birthday, we went to Kings Island, and as a special treat, all of her Grandparents came with us! We has such a wonderful time! To have Gracie's Mammaw and Pappaw Crawford and Grandma and Grandpa McClain there with us, made it even more special! It was truly an evening we will never forget! Tomorrow... I will post some pics from our Kings Island Adventure!

Until tomorrow... have a great day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grace's new trick!

Ok, so this isn't as much a trick as it is a new discovery on her part... I will just show you the pics so you can see what I mean!
Isn't that just adorable! LOL!