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Monday, June 22, 2009


5 more days... and I will be seeing these fabulous men in concert, 2 days in a row!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I just want to take a second to wish my wonderful amazing husband a very Happy Father's Day! He will likely never read this, but he is everything that I have ever wanted for my life, and I can't imagine a better daddy for my beautiful Grace. I was going through some more pics, and found these from Kings Island, that just epitomises (I think that is the right word) how he feels about his girl.
I love you Doug!

Enjoy... and much love,

Gracie's Momma

Better late than never...

I was going through some pictures tonight and here are a few that I found from our trip to Wisconsin back in October. I honestly think I must have checked out for a while back then too, because there are no posts about our trip to Wisconsin Dells, or our side trip to Chicago on the way to the Dells.
These pictures are from my favorite activity while in the Dells. It was this really cool deer park where you could walk around and feed most of the deer there. Even Grace got a little snack! LOL! Enjoy the pics, and if I am really ambitious, I will post more about our trip. :)
Much love,
Gracie's Momma

Friday, June 19, 2009

My gal Friday... or almost Saturday at this point! :)

I just wanted to post a few cute pics of my girly girl before the day is almost over. The first is from my cousin's wedding and the second, if you couldn't tell, is from Easter. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So thankful!

Just wanted to update you on Baby Mac! We had our monthly visit with my OB today and everything is progressing nicely. I was very happy to see that I have not gained anything since last month, which is always a concern of mine, and got to hear our little boy's precious heartbeat. That is always a moment where I hold my breath, either to see or hear our baby, and thankfully, there was no problem! Nice strong heartbeat!

Please say a prayer for me... my back has been giving me some problems(sciatic issues), so any extra prayers will be appreciated!

Thanks again, and I will try to post the ultrasound pics from last month as soon as I can. :)

Lost sight...

I have lost sight of what this blog really is. It is about the adventures of raising my beautiful daughter, and my soon to be handsome son. So... as of now, I promise to be better at it. So... to start this off in a good manner... here are some new pics of my precious girl and her cousin's Ian and Carly! :) Enjoy!

This is Grace trying to start the wave at my cousin's wedding...
And here they are... falling in line! LOL!

I am not sure about why Grace looks tipsy... but she does kinda! LOL!

Before the wedding... yes, we were camping!

Watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Aren't they cute????

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where in the World have you been, Wednesday?

****I know that this was posted very late... so, if you like the idea... please still play along even if your post is done on Thursday, and then next week I promise to have it done early on Wednesday! Thanks... and sorry!******

Yesterday I had a great idea for a post! Yes... me, the one that has practically been invisible to the blogging eye lately, decided that I was going to start a new Wednesday theme! WHOO HOO!!! I love the idea of Wordless Wednesday... but I am too much of a talker, that even when I have a picture to post(Ok... when I was better at posting), I still couldn't get away without posting something about the picture.

So... my idea is that every Wednesday, I am going to share with you a story about a trip that I have taken, somewhere in the world. Now, I have not traveled all over the world... the farthest I have ever gone is Hawaii, but still... I have traveled a lot here in the US, and I love it. Sometimes, my stories might be about a trip that I took with my wonderful Doug and Gracie, or it could just be about a trip I took with my girlfriends, or with my parents(whom I have done a lot of traveling with) So... I have decided that I am going to start this new post off with my first trip as Mrs. JDM(Doug is my hubby's middle name...): Our Honeymoon!

Our Trip started off the Sunday afternoon after our wedding. We got a rather late start, so we didn't arrive at our first destination til nearly 12:30 a.m. Doug surprised me by reserving a cabin right outside of Gatlinburg, which is truly one of my favorite places in the entire world! So... we spent several nights there, and then from The Smoky Mountains, we were heading to Florida. Now... to tip you off now, this was not a "normal" Honeymoon. We had a true road trip, where we really were not sure where we would end up! So... after Gatlinburg, we headed south, and by early evening we were decided to drive out to Jeckyll Island, GA. We didn't stay the night there, but we did have dinner at the local Bennigans. Here are some cute pictures from our evening in Jeckyll...
After leaving Jeckyll, we traveled on and ended up in a Hotel in St. Augustine, FL. Again... we arrived rather late, and this time, we did not have reservations, because like I said... road trip. We honestly didn't intend to stay there more than one night, because we were really planning on traveling on and maybe going to Daytona or Cocoa beach the next day, but something else made up our minds for us.... do you see the picture below... and in the bottom right corner Doug is looking out at the ocean... with no glasses. Well... as we were getting ready to leave for the day, Doug decided that he needed some time in the ocean to play. So... we ended up going out(in our clothes, after I had already gotten dressed for the day and fixed my hair...LOL) and playing in the water. Well... my sweet, new, husband got over zealous, dove in, and... LOST HIS GLASSES!!!! This being our... 4th day of our Honeymoon, and he could not see! LOL! So... we checked into a Hampton on the beach(much nice than our first hotel there), and thankfully found a place that was open and had his strength perscription, and could also do it in an hour. That part was key... so, we drove about 45 minutes, he picked out his new frames... and then we hung out there till the next morning.
So... the next morning... we started heading South. We were not sure where we were going, but the talk had been to go all the way to Key West. We flip flopped back and forth and finally... we decided to do it. So... after a full day of driving... we arrived in Key West around 1 in the morning. We checked out of our hotel the next morning and decided to explore the town. Some of the highlights include the Southern most point of the Continental US, Duval St., and of course... had to hit the Hard Rock! :)

On our way back... we took in a Key West Sunset, and then headed off to our next destination....

Now... officially, we spent the next day in Siesta Keys, FL, but the pictures from that day are on another CD, so I will try to add those later. After spending the day in Siesta Keys, we headed out after sunset, and decided to drive to Orlando! LOL! Seriously... have you ever heard of a crazier road trip? So... here are the pics from our day in Orlando... we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, had a lovely lunch, and then walked around... and got back on the road(because, I think by this time, it is Friday...)

So.... here are the last photos from our whirlwind Honeymoon... I think we were somewhere in Tennessee, at a rest stop... just enjoying a break! LOL! I can say this about our Honeymoon... we were in love, and to us, this was the best vacation ever!

So.... No that I have shared one of my "Where in the World have you been?" 's, now it is your turn! If you do decide to play along... please let me know in my comments, so I can read about yours... and next Wednesday... I will post another one. Also... if you decide to do this... please link back to my blog, so if this is a hit... we can make it a ritual and who knows... maybe sometime add a Mr. Linky! :)

Much Love!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big announcement....

Good evening everyone! I know... I promised a few weeks ago that I would be better at blogging. Well, I have every intention to do it, but I have been so busy that I haven't even had the time to finish working on some wedding pictures for a couple that I did their wedding back before the holiday, so I feel kind of bad blogging when I haven't even finished that.

Anyway... I figured that I would drop this quick line for those of you that don't follow my twittering, to let you know that we had a Dr's appointment back on May 21st. Everything is going well with my pregnancy and things are looking good. My Due date is still showing around October 26th, but per the Dr, since I had a C-section last time, I should probably expect one again this time, which means that I wouldn't be surprised if I had the baby earlier than that. We also had an ultrasound, which was a big surprise because we were only about 17 1/2 weeks along at that point. For several weeks leading up to the ultrasound, Doug has been telling me that we were not, no matter what, going to find out the sex of the baby. I begged at first for him to change his mind, but to no avail. The day came, and I has decided myself that I was happy not to find out this time, because we knew with Grace, and this time it would be fun to have a surprise. Well, we walked into the ultrasound room, and I told the tech that we were not going to find out. Of course, at the same time my husband says, "But, if we wanted to know, could we find out?" She wasn't sure that we would be able to, so she started poking around. Well... needless to say... a moment later, Doug got excited and said... "oooohhh... I see something." I am convinced that was he was seeing was not what he thought that he was seeing, but the tech finally said....
It's A Boy

So.... That is the big news!!! YEAH!!!! I am really excited... mostly for Doug, but a lot for me too! Of course... my heart still would love to have another girl. I always wanted a baby sister, so who knows... maybe Grace will still get that... Someday! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just have to post this....

Ok, so last night was the MTV Movie awards. Usually I ban MTV, not because I don't like music videos, but honestly because MTV is a sham... where are the music videos??? But... I digress. So, I watched(actually I DVR'd it so I could fast forward through the commercials) it for this reason only... the new Twilight Saga, "New Moon" clip! So... Enjoy!!!