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Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Gracie... with a side of what the heck was he thinking?!

Happy Birthday, Gracie!!!!

Today is my precious baby's 2nd birthday! I haven't taken any official pictures of her as a two year old(yet), but I will and will definitely post them later! :)

I just can't believe that it has been two years since this spunky little monkey entered our lives! She has been such a blessing to us, and can't imagine a day without her!

Happy Birthday Gracie... I hope that your special day is just that... special and filled with love!

Now... for the second part of this post:


So.... as all of the moms out there, I would hope you would understand what I am about to say, and why this pregnant hormonal mom would be upset about what he has done. OK... so, I feel like Grace's birthday has kind of crept ip on us. Seriously, with being pregnant, having prenancy brain, and my aunt Sandy coming for a visit from Florida (first time in 18 years), I just haven't been thinking about shopping. So, today I called my husband and said that I wanted to discuss what we should get her for her birthday. He said ok, but he really couldn't talk at that time. So, he called back an hour later and said that he was getting off work and was going to Toys R Us to look at swing sets and to see what they had.

Well... about another hour after that he texted me to call him. Finally... he called me and said that he had just bought all of Grace's birthday presents... without me! Whoa! Stop the presses... we went from needing to talk about what we should get her, to he got her stuff, without talking to me about it! I mean... I am her mom, so why would I want to help pick out her birthday presents????

Let's just say, this hormonally challenged mom did not take this news well! NOT AT ALL!!!! It was fine, until the part that he told me that he got her a Go Diego! GO! bike thing, that was basically for a boy!!! I mean, that is not that big of deal, but you know, I wanted to have a small part in deciding, and for me, this is like my Christmas(since, out of respect for my husband's religious beliefs, we don't really celebrate Christmas in our house... of course, I celebrate it at my parents house, and in my heart!). I wanted to help pick out her presents and to have that taken away, hurt like I had been stabbed in the heart. I mean... yes, that is a little dramatic, but I am pregnant, so indulge me!

Anyway... So, after about an hour and a half of being mad, then finally deciding to just suck it up and cry, we headed to my aunt's for dinner. Of course, my face was so swollen and someone mentioned that I looked like I had been crying... so of course, while Doug was out of the room, I started crying again, and explained why I was so upset. Everyone agreed with me that it was just a bad decision on his part and that he didn't mean to upset me(which I know he was trying to just be helpful... I really do know that), but it was basically just something that a man would do without realizing how I would feel. So... after a few hours of being hurt, I decided to just stop being upset. It was a really sweet thing for him to do, and he did a good job, but he needed to realize how important something like this is to a momma and to talk to me next time. So... will see if he does.

Thanks for listening... I am praying that October gets here soon so I can feel back to my hormonally balanced self.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I would have been upset too. Actually, I would have probably gone one step further, and trucked down to Toys R Us and exchanged the bike for a Dora one... You had a right to be upset!

Fire Wife said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!

And I know exactly how you feel about what Doug did. So many times FireMan does things that I know are intended to help (and might even be help!), but aren't done in the way that I would want it as a momma / wife, and I get upset. I try so hard to just appreciate the fact that he tried. That's the important thing, right?