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Saturday, August 1, 2009

One week from yesterday...

This little girl will be 2 years old!

Where has the time gone?

She is so smart... really too smart sometimes. The other day, she was coloring on a piece of white computer paper that I gave her. She was going through all of the crayons in her bucket and she came to the white. When she got to that crayon, she colored for a few seconds and said(no lie!), "Mama... White is broke!" She figured out that it was broke because she couldn't see any color on the page! Seriously... how did she figure that out?
Besides telling me that the white crayon does not work, she says so much more! I am amazed by her vocabulary! She is like a little parrot. She can say pretty much anything she wants to, and is starting to put words together to make her point across. She is also telling us when she needs a new diaper, which means that I need to start the potty training process. I am a little intimidated by that, but we will get through it.
She also has a love for animals! She loves our beloved pets, Honey the dog, and Rainy, Sugar, and Tabasco or cats. Of course, the cats-with the exception of Rainy- run from her, only because Rainy can't. But, besides our domesticated animals, she has also found a love for farm animals. Last night my best friend and I took her to the County Fair. I had planned on letting her ride the ponies they have there, but what I hadn't planned on was the fact that she would love them so much that she would not want to get off! Here are a few pictures from our Fair experience! :)

Yep... that is my little cowgirl! :)

And of course, you can't got to the fair without getting a shaved ice in bright blue and red....

Or, FAIR FRIES!!!(Seriously, the best part of the fair!)

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


Football and Fried Rice said...

Love the John Deere's in the background!! Love fairs too!

I can't believe - Gracie is almost 2 :) And about to be a big sister! Wow!!

Esther said...

She is so cute--her smile just lights her up!

Jodi said...

I can't believe it's been that long already! Gracie sure is growing up!