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Saturday, February 6, 2010

So long, Insecurity!

I was just doing some catching up on my blog reading the other night(Thursday night, actually) and when I saw this post by my friend Sara over at Football & Fried Rice.

I am a huge fan of Beth Moore's and when I read this post, I truly believed(as I am sure many other women felt when they heard about this book and bible study) that this was truly sent by God to them! I have delt with this feeling for so long, that when I read Sara's post I, literally, went straight to Amazon and bought this book! It was(not sure how long the sale is) $12!

If you are struggling with these same feelings and feel that this would be a blessing to you, please join in on the bible study. You can go to Sara's website(link above) and read the details, and you can also check out Beth Moore's blog here.

YAY! I will be there... will you?