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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Up to date... almost.

OK, so a few things. I am almost up to date on my Project 365, which I am very happy about. I still don't have a new computer, but it is in the works. Probably will be about another week or two. Can't wait!!! :)

Also, if you look to the right side of my blog, you will see a new button, of sorts. This is so if you want to check out my Project 365, you can just click on that one link, and it will bring up all of the posts relating to that directly. Hope that makes sense! :)

I am also very excited about the new Beth Moore bible study... hoping to get my book tomorrow, Thursday at the latest! And... I am working on a post that is kind of in line with that bible study... it is called, "Why do I care?"

Hope you are all doing well!

One last thing... I have several new readers that have begun following my blog, and I have a new post... very soon, to welcome all of you! I am so excited! I hit the "30" mark. I am going to be having a giveaway, and will also be announcing it very, very soon.

Much Love...