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Monday, March 8, 2010


Why is it that when I really need to find a new outfit for something special, I just can't?

Why, when I go shopping, do I end up feeling really bad about myself and instead of making me want to work harder on losing weight, I just want to eat more?

Why is it, when all I am looking for is a positive attitude from my mom while trying on clothes or trying to find said outfit, she can't see that I am really upset, but instead, thinks that I am picking on her... which I was not! I was picking on myself!!!

Why, when I find something that I think is so cute, it looks like CRAP on me?!?!

Why, when I really need my best friend there... it just isn't possible(at least not right then... I just got off the phone with my bestest friend, and it makes this post seem unnecessary, but I am posting it anyway... Thank you Terah, if you are reading this, you are my best friend and always make me feel better!).

Have you ever seen a larger person(and I mean like... size 28+) and think... 'Wow... that person is so beautiful, put together and so confident!' ?

Why can't I be like that? Where does that person get that confidence from? I have never felt like that! If you know me in my in real life, it may come as a surprise to you(or maybe not) that... I am as far away from confident as the Sun is from the moon. I wish I could feel better in my own skin... I wish I could feel prettier on a daily basis.... I do not EVER want my daughter to feel like this.

Dear Lord, Please give me the strength to be the confident, positive, strong momma that I need to be for my precious little girl.... so she does not ever have to ask, WHY?


momof2beautifulgirls said...


Oh I feel your pain in this post. I so agree I want for my girls never to look down on themselves but to see their beauty, I so wish I could see it in myself. God made us beautiful but it is so hard to see it at times.

Fire Wife said...

I could have written this post myself! I can totally relate.

Just try to remember that even on the days when you can't see it, someone wishes they looked like you. You are someone's person who is so beautiful, put-together, and confident.

And more than once, you were that person for me. I can't tell you how many times I wished I looked like you. You've always been so cute. ALWAYS. And I have more than once wished that I could look like you do.

Love you!

mom2many said...

Candace, this is Tracy from tooblessed2bestressed...you sent a message wanting to continue to follow me, but I need an email address in order to add you. You can send it to tracyphillips93@gmail.com. Thanks and sorry for hijacking your post...