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Friday, April 2, 2010

In Memory

Today, my dear Great Aunt Clara passed on to be with her Lord and Savior. She was 90 years old, had 4 Children and many, many Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, and Great Great Grandchildren! We will miss her but know that she is having an amazing Heavenly reunion with our many family members that have passed on before her.

Please take a minute to pray for the Davidson family as we say good-bye over the next few days!

This was a picture taken when Jack was just 9 days old and we got to go and visit with Aunt Clara. This was also her first time seeing Grace, so it was a very special visit. My mammaw Lena never got to see Jack and Grace, so this for me was very emotional, because Aunt Clara and my mammaw were very close. Today, she is having a wonderful reunion with my mammaw and pappaw and I am sure she is telling mammaw all about her Great Grandbabies!


Fire Wife said...

What a sweet picture.