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Monday, August 9, 2010

Not me, Monday!

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Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Now, first of all... I am not just writing this "Not Me" Monday post just because I want to win that adorable hat that MckMama is giving to one of her poster's today... for free! Nope... not me!
I also have not been the laziest blogger on the planet... forgetting to write a post about my beautiful baby boy turning 9 months old... or even the fact that we had a momentous occasion with my baby girl turning 3 this week! Nope... I would never forget to do that! NOT ME!
I also would never cut this post short because I was so tired from throwing a big picnic birthday party for said 3 year old, and be so lazy that I haven't even uploaded the pictures yet, or posted a single picture! Nope... not me!
And finally, I did not put in the new Dora DVD, the one about the birthday adventure, for the kids, so that I would have some time to myself while they were watching it, just so I could post this. NOPE... definitely not me!
Ok... your turn... go play along!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Mommy2Four said...

I am thankful for Dora, because without her, I may never get a shower!

Very cute Not me!

Blessed Mama said...

i'm with you: i never use the tv to get a few moments of peace :) thank goodness for cartoons... i mean educational programs :)

Alex said...

We are huge Dora fans too! She's everyone's best friend in this house! :-)