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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost... Wordless Wednesday!

Ok, so I can never leave it wordless, especially since technically... at the time of this post, it is really 12:32 a.m... but I just thought that I would post some pics of my crazy 15 month old girlie girl, along with a little story. My daughter has a complete fascination with my eldest child, my 8 year old cat Rainy. She is quite old(at least, she believed that she is old... hence the deep growl of agony every time that she get picked up, or sat on by Gracie) and pretty much can't stand any visitors that we have in the house. Especially little kids... she really does not like little kids. I do understand this however, because when she was little she was tortured by her original owners children and put into a bird cage. I imagine that could be scaring for a cat. Anyway, as you can imagine, when Grace was born I was a little nervous how she would react to the new little creature that would be brought into our house. We have two other cats and she literally almost disowned me when we brougt them into the house, and let's not even go into what she did when we got Honey! LOL! So... for the most part, Rainy pretty much ignored Grace, that is, until Grace could no longer ignore her. Now, I should also tell you, when my niece Carly Mae comes over, she really wants to be friends with Rainy, but Rainy rebuffs her advances. She bats her paws and hisses like crazy.
However... Rainy has finally realized that this kid isn't going home with my brother Brad, as much as she wishes that she would! Here are some pics of my eldest and youngest child... bonding. No..... I am not sure at all what she is doing in these pictures.

This is underneath the old sewing machine that was my mammaw's... I used to sit underneath one just like this when I was little at her house.

So.... I have one more thing to discuss. It is a little traumatic, and honestly, I try not to let it happen that often, but I am going to admit it now. Sometimes... I ask my wonderful, willing husband to change Grace. Now, most days, it turns out ok, but there are definitely times when... if I were to ask him to do this, he would honestly let our precious baby girl leave the house looking like this. I guess it could be worse... LOL!

On a really sweet note though... last night Doug came home from the grocery store and he had gotten that really cute Sleeping Beauty lunchbox for Gracie as a present. This is the man that recently thought that a purple swiss army knife was a good gift... (actually, I really liked it, because it fits on my keyring, and it has tweezers in it... I am always looking for my tweezers! LOL!). He is definitely in love with his little girl! :)