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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What are you waiting for... go VOTE!

Ok, so before you acutally go vote, check out my pictures from Sunday night at the Clermont County Fairgrounds! My dad, mom, sister in law Jess, nephew Ian, and I all went to see Sarah Palin and cheer her on in the Road to Victory in OHIO tour. I had no idea what to expect. Nothing like this had ever come to Owensville, at least not to my knowledge! I was so nervous, I was just shaking with excitement. Sarah Palin is an amazing person, and I just like everything about her. I had my camera in tow and planned on taking some pics, or course hoping that I would get a good spot to stand. Well... Here is what we found when we arrived.

The lines were crazy! We arrived around 5:45 and had no idea the lines would be so long! The fact of the matter is, they estimated around 6000 people to fill the stadium/grandstand area. What a blessing to see so many supporters! It was surreal!

So, once we got into the stadium... it was like a ROCK CONCERT! It was so awesome! The crowd was standing, cheering, shaking pom poms, waving signs, and just Rocking! It was great. Finally the time arrived to greet Sarah Palin, the rock star that she is, came out and greeted us all with her friendly personality. However, we came there just expecting to hear from this "Rock Star" Sarah Palin, but instead, we were surprised with a Redneck Woman... Gretchen Wilson!(Hince the new playlist at the bottom of my blog feat. Redneck Woman!). She sang her song, and then it was on with the show. Sarah Palin was awesome! I just know she will make an awesome VP... and someday, PRESIDENT! GO PALIN! Here are a few(yeah... 5 to be exact) Collages of our night at the fairgrounds! By the way... Jess got Gretchen's autograph, and she posed for my pics!