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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday....

Well, I most certainly have not gone another week without Blogging... no, Not me!

I also did not cry so hard that my head hurt last Tuesday night after the election results we read! Nope, not me! I certainly do NOT care that much! Nope, not me.

Oh yeah... and I most certainly did not go to bed last night with a HUGE mess in my kitchen after a wonderful day with my family at our early Thanksgiving dinner. And, I most certainly... did not just shrug my shoulders when Doug said... "oh, that is nice... Chocolate and caramel ground into the carpet" and still... did not go to bed without cleaning it up. Of course not!

Those are things that I definitely have not done! Sorry... not a long list, but that is all that I am not going to tell you about!


Mom To Six said...

I love your blog...and your Not Me's!