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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is my cousin Jewel and her husband Wayne. Actually… she is my dad’s first cousin. Anyway, I am very close to this amazing woman. Every fall we take a week long girls trip with 13 or 14 of my very awesome cousin’s and my mom. We have such an amazing time.

Monday… we found out that she has cancer. We don’t know the amount, but we know that it was in her thyroid. They removed the thyroid and ruled out the worst scenario type of cancer (PRAISE GOD), but they are still not through the worst of it yet. Please pray that the cancer was contained, or at least not spread to any major organs and that God deliver her from this terrible illness. Cancer has reared it’s ugly head in our family more times than I want to recount.

So, please take a moment to pray for Jewel and her entire family.

Thank you, prayer warriors!