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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday… Splurges!

This is my very first time participating in Top 2 Tuesday… and I am not sure why, but this one just grabbed me!

Now… I am going to make this about the things that I splurge on, for me, only. This is because the things that I buy for my babies, I don’t really consider splurging, I consider those, necessities.

So… my first splurge is for something that my husband swears up and down every time that I put it on, I don’t need it. It has actually caused some fights(not bad ones… but enough to make me just do it more! LOL! sorry… that is not nice). The second… is just something that I can not help myself from buying.

1. Sheer Cover make-up.

sheer cover

I LOVE this stuff!!! I have never found a make-up that works better on my skin, and I used to sell Mary Kay! Seriously, the best stuff out there, and the little sample of lip gloss and eye highlighters are amazing! I had a wedding the other day and worked from 2 until 11:30 on Saturday night and let me tell you… I was WORKING so hard that I was sweating(I know… gross, but I have to get my point across) and when I was done, my make up looked as good as the moment that I put it on. I don’t know what I did without it for so long! :)

2. My Vera Bradley Purses…'

1008901010088007 10089003 10089038

I shamefully admit(***please see my disclaimer)… I have 4. However… let me stipulate by saying, I only bought 1 for myself. The other 3 were all gifts. 2 from my mom for Christmas presents and one for my birthday from my husband(which I picked out, of course). And yes… they are all the same style, because my motto has always been… if I like it, I want it in every color. (ok… not every color, but you know what I mean). For a big girl… if you find something that fits, you need it in more than one. Anyway… that is a whole other therapy session.

So, those are my splurges. Now… you go play along, too!


Christa said...

Great picks! I've been wanting a Vera bag!

Mommyto2 said...

I've always wanted a vera bag but hate to spend the money! I love your blog.. very cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I think at one point I had about 10Vera bags... but now I've just started buying Kohl's and Target - preferably on sale!