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Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey there! Sorry I haven't been updating the way that I should. It has been a very busy couple of weeks. With the wedding that I have been working on editing, I haven't really felt like talking about myself.

So... you might be wondering why I am so excited. We got a new computer!!! FINALLY!!! My old one has been running so slow, that we just worked it out so we could get one. I do so much work on my computer with my photography, that it just made sense to get one. I am just elated! This is soooo cool! I hardly know what to do with myself! :)

Our past week has been a busy one like I said. Last week, we went to Kings Island on Wednesday, and I have some great pics from there, however they are on my old computer, so I will have to wait til I get them transfered over. I have a ton of stuff I have to transfer over, asap! Anyway, Saturday, we had a great time at my cousin's baseball games. First, we went to Caleb's game. They did a great job, but it was over pretty fast. Caleb did get a double though... he is so good at it! He even pitched and did really well. He is a natural ball player! After Caleb's game, we went to Zach and Davie's game. They really love the game. Zach is the short stop, and Davie pitches... at least that is what they did when I was there. We really hope to get to more games this season. Gracie had a lot of fun playing with Caleb and Abby... I was especially happy that Grace let Abby carry her around. It was great. I will post pics for this asap.

We also had a great Father's day last week... I will try to update my pics for that soon too!

Well, my eyes are getting a little tired. This new 22" screen is crazy!!!

Love ya's!


marshan said...

Congrats on your computer. Enjoy!!!