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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Odds and ends...

Well, I am sorry for not blogging. My husband said that I have been in a funk.
Life has been sorta busy lately though... as you see in my other post, I had a wedding that I photographed this past weekend, and before that, I was just busy with my day to day life. Here are some pictures of what has been going on in my life... and I will edit as I go! :)
Like Father like daughter... McClain's are known for closing their eyes in pics!
Grace's new trick... standing up in her playpen without dropping her ba-ba!
This is our cat Tabasco! Nice hiding place... Honey is sure not to look in there!
Gracie's first trip to the Kings Island Waterpark!
Me tickling Gracie!
Here is Grace's first experience in the pool.

A little disturbed after getting wet under the mushroom...

Here is a pic of me and my friend Mindy. We actually found eachother there!

Here is my nephew Ian on one of the kiddie slides!

Grace in her pink bathing suit cover up... She looks so cute!

Gracie growing some horns...

Gracie and daddy at the park! My little pole dancer...
Wee... she seems shockingly at home doing this! LOL!
Even with ice cream all over her mouth!

Ok, so that is all the torture I am going to inflict right now... I am going to try to be better about blogging as the day goes by. Maybe it will help me stay unstressed! Have a great day!

Love ya!