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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ooooooh.... Am I EXCITED!!!

Ok, I am about to admit a very deep obsession that not too many outside of my immediate family and of course my best friend in the entire world(besides my hubby of course), Terah, and just a select few others know.

So... here it is. Since 6th grade... I have been in love with the New Kids on the Block. They were my first official crush(I did go through this Michael Jackson phase, but that was nothing compared to this... I was only in the first grade, and I also had a crush on Danny King and Kenny Keith... neither of those lasted either!). I will never forget the very first time that I saw them in concert. It was September and we went to Kings Island that night after school let out, before the park officially closed for the summer. Back then, they stayed open after Labor Day... but getting back to my story. So... we got there and we could hear some music coming from Timberwolf. We decided to head up to the top of the Eiffel Tower so we could look through the telescope thingy up there. So, when we got up there we saw Tiffany(the headliner... New Kids were just opening up for them) doing her sound check and I talked (aka, begged) my mom to see if we could still get tickets. We came down the tower and sure enough, they had tickets and back then, if you had a pass, you only had to pay $10 for tickets. So, my older brother and I got to go in and see the show. I was just wanting to see Tiffany... I had no idea who the New Kids on the Block were! When they came out... OM-Gosh! I was in love! Right then and there! They had my heart! So... years went by... I saw them a total of 4 times in concert, which included that first show. I should have seen them 5 times... but I got in trouble for something, New Kids related, and was grounded. Thankfully, I was finally un-grounded by the time they came to Cincinnati for their last show on my Birthday in December of 1990. I was turning 14, and that was the last time I saw them in concert. My cousin Teresa and I went together and it was awesome.

So... Jump to nearly 20 years later(man I feel old writing this!) and they are coming back. They have an awesome song, "Summertime", that I just love and they are just as cute as ever! This is a serious sickness... after their original exit from the pop scene, I vowed to never get caught up into a "boy band" again... of course, those same people from above know that I caved when Terah introduced me to the Backstreet Boys. I have actually seen them in concert 8 times and have some awesome pics of those concerts(I have gone through several phases in my life... wanting to be a concert photographer is still in the back of my head and heart... I know, I am weird!). Anyway... focus Candace... the reason for the excitement... tomorrow is the debut of their new video! I am sick!!! LOL! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

So... now you know my secret obsession... please do not think less of me... I am just a girl.... who happens to fall in love with boy bands. Sue me! :) Love ya's!


marshan said...

This so makes me laugh. I wasn't allowed to listen to them, so know very little about them, but what I do know is from my best friend, Michelle, who absolutely LOVED them when we were little. She had her entire room decorated as a montage to them. She had the bedspread, the curtains, the dolls, tshirts...you name it, she had it!