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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lazy days...

Seems like the lazy days of summer have already hit the McClain family today like a ton of bricks. Even little Gracie got in on the action sleeping in til 9 this morning. Surprised me, considering she is typically up and at'em at 8 during the week. Doug must have slipped her a micky in her bottle last night! LOL! Just kidding... probably just some rum! LOL!

So, our day thus far has involved nothing more than making breakfast, then lunch and in between, did some reading as Gracie watched Enchanted. I have to say... I am not one to let the TV babysit for me, but these days, to get stuff done, I can rely on that movie to catch her attention and keep it the entire time. It is comical watching her watch a movie like this. This is the only one that really does it too. Mary Poppins is another favorite, but nearly as hypnotic as McDreamy and Giselle. Very funny... but I have to admit, I love that she is already watching the princess movie... gives me hope she will be begging for Belle, 'ella, and Sleeping Beauty before I know it.

The book I have been reading is soooo good! I have 2 books that I am currently reading, but right now Marly and Me is getting most of my attention. I love this book for so many reasons. I have laughed out loud more reading this book than watching a funny movie. I guess part of it is because a lot of it hits very close to home for me. We have a "Marly-ish" dog. Her name is Honey... she is soooo sweet, but a little silly at times. Here are some pics of our first baby(we got her a month before we found out we were expecting!).

She is a very sweet dog, but I can definitely relate the author of Marley and Me. If you are a dog lover, or aren't even, but just need a good giggle and want to read a very sweet endearing book, get Marley and Me, by John Grogan.
Well... hope you all have a great weekend, I will try to post again soon!


momof2beautifulgirls said...

oh Lazy DAYS sound so much fun. Enjoy everyone you get.

Anonymous said...

I was here!

Uncle Bob.