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Friday, June 6, 2008

Slacking on pics...

So, I have been home all week, I haven't posted any pics yet!
Where are my manners! Here are some of my
favorite pics from our Gatlinburg trip...
the others you can find on my myspace page.

Here we are in front of the famous Smokies sign!
Here are my mom and dad with Gracie
Right as we were taking this pic, a group of motorcycles drive by
and honked their horns... see Gracie looking to the left?
Gracie enjoying her first ice cream cone... thanks to her mammaw!

We saw 11 bear while at Cades cove! The most we have ever seen in one visit!Doug, me, and Becca at Church in Cades cove.
Picnicing on the side of the road.
Doug riding the Nascar go carts.
There is my dad(3rd car back).
On our way into Gatlinburg
Here we are in the Hard Rock Cafe... Grace was headbangin'(video to come)
Yummy... lemons!
Yep... we all liked them, but mostly Grace loved them!
In front of the sign
This was our waitresses leg... cool, huh?
Man... are my teeth yellow? LOL!
Gotta love the Hard Rock!

The next morning on the way to the space needle

Waiting to go up...
Up, up and away!
Grace woke up on top... the difference is she wouldn't wear her hat once she woke up! LOL!
Had to stop at the Hard Rock, one more time!
There are soooo many more, but I have to stop sometime... So here are that last two that I just have to share...
Don't worry... that is just a strawberry shake!
Here we are at the Applebarn before we left on Monday!


marshan said...

looks like you guys had a blast!!!!!

momof2beautifulgirls said...

looks like alot of fun!!!