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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back... and soaking wet!

So, I did it! I talked Doug into going south for the weekend. A quick weekend trip actually turned into a mini vacation. Doug decided to aks his boss off for Monday, so we stayed in Corbin on Friday night and then drove the rest of the way in on Saturday morning. We had a wonderful trip! We got down there around noon, and the funny thing was that when we got into Pidgeon Forge, I decided to call and check in with my mom to let her know that we had arrived and see where they were. She answered the phone and I told her that we were there. When she asked where we were, I told her that we were right in front of Walmart, and she laughed and said that they had just pulled into the same Walmart! I looked over... and there they were! So... we pulled into the parking lot and headed inside because we had to go and get an umbrella stroller for Grace. We had decided that we weren't going to mess with her big stroller because it was so bulky, but on some level, I wish we had. It would have been a lot easier on Doug to push her, but the Umbrella stroller was ok. It got us around.

The rest of the weekend goes as follows: Saturday evening packed everything up and went to Cades Cover. We saw 11 bear and about the same amount of deer. We had a great time there! My cousin Darren and his family had also came down for the weekend, so they decided to follow us up there and we hung out with them and picnic'd along the way. Sunday, Doug decided to go Kayaking(yes, he took his kayak!) and then after that we met them for lunch at Cracker Barrel. After that, we went shopping... got the best deals at the Carter's Outlet and Lane Bryant outlet and... I bought a size 22/24!!! I will have more about that in my weightloss blog: http://candaceisgoingtoloseit.blogspot.com/ later on tonight. I also have pics to update on there as well! :) So, after we got back from shopping and the boys go-carting, we unpacked our new treasures and then we all headed down to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was very late, but it was soooo good! Grace's first time at the Hard Rock was hilarious! I have video I will try to post tonight if possible. So... Monday came, and it was time to pack up and leave, but not before going down to Gatlinburg for a morning walk and went up to the top of the space needle. That was cool, and then we headed back to the room. We also stopped as several places on our way out of town, The Scrapbook Clearance store, being one of them, and I got some great deals! I love that store. So, after that... it was home for us. Didn't do too bad... Doug drove til we got past Lexington, and I drove the last 2 hours. It was a nice trip, but glad to be home. :)

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marshan said...

Welcome back. I love Gatlinburg...and those two side-by-side scrapbook stores are AWESOME!!!!!!! Glad you got good deals.

momof2beautifulgirls said...

Glad you are back!!!! You are good I don't even know if I could talk Dan into it.