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Sunday, December 21, 2008

32 things about me...

So... I am 32 years old now(even though I swore up and down a few Monday's ago, I was not having a birthday...), and so I thought that I would give you 32 facts all about moi!

1.) My name is Candace Gail (Mc- No... I am not going to share my last name)

2.) I have lived in the same area nearly all my life, and when my husband and I bought our first house(where we live right now...), I now live exactly 10 minutes away from my mom and dad on the same exact road. It was just a coincidence!

3.) I have one brother, one sister(who is really my aunt... but more like a sister!), 3 sister in law's 3 brother in law's(which includes my aunts husband... long story... lol), 5 nieces, 6 nephews, lots and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins that seriously... if I listed them all.... I am sure that I would be listing someone that you are either related to, or know. I live in that small of a big world! :)

4.) I was saved by the blood of Christ when I was in the 8th grade and baptized a week later.

5.) I met my husband on the internet... fell in love(on the internet) and was engaged less than 3 months after meeting him in person... and married less than 9 months later.

6.) I have been married for 5 years this coming May.

7.) WE have 3 cats and 3 dogs.

8.) We tried to get pregnant for 2 years before Grace came along.

9.) My best friend in the entire world, besides my husband, is Terah(but really... you knew that already.

10.) I love to scrapbook!

11.) I haven't scrapbooked in a long time!

12.) My favorite color is PINK!!!!

13.) Besides Terah... my mom is my other best friend(even on the days that we get on eachothers nerves!).

14.) When I was 13 years old, I called a New Kids on the Block 900 # like over 100 times and ran the phone bill up so high that I was grounded for almost a year and was not allowed to go and see the New Kids on November 18th in Cincinnati. The worst punishment of my life... that and I had to do the dishes for a year!

15.) I have had like... 10 cats, all of which either ran away, or became roadkill... now I have all indoor cats!

16.) My feet are freezing right now...

17.) My favorite movie, that I could watch over and over again is the Holiday... or Wizard of Oz... or You've Got Mail... or When Harry Met Sally... or 27 Dresses... or Pretty Woman... or Runaway Bride... or Sweet Home Alabama... or 50 First Dates. Seriously.... I have a problem.

18.) I love buying movies!

19.) I am seriously addicted to the "twilight" books! They are amazing, and I believe that young or old, you should read these books. They will give you a totally different outlook on vampires! LOL!

20.) I lost 40 lbs at Weight Watcher's this year.

21.) I have been to Hawaii and want to go back soooo bad!

22.) Ok... so seriously, I LOVE the Anne of Green Gable movies! They are awesome... ifyou have a little girl... they are a must!

23.) I like tv just a little too much.

24.) My daughter is the light of my life.

25.) My husband is the only man that I have ever kissed... he was my first, and my last. And... I was his!

26.) I worked at a Credit Counseling company for nearly 8 years.

27.) My fingers are so cold they are nearly numb....

28.) I love my ipod!

29.) I have a boyband fetish... duh.... if you read this, you would already know that! LOL!

30.) I love to blog... and love my blogging friends... almost to the point that I am addicted to checking for updates on my favorite blogs... like Marshan's blog, Mindy's Blog, MckMama, Momstheword, Confessions of a Student Nurse, The Stanfield Journey, The Reality of Happily Ever After... and soooo many more that I have listed on my sidebar. Even though I may not send notes, or tell you I am there... I appreciate all of your blogs and love you all!

31.) My life is not perfect, but I love it just the way it is!

32.) I am pregnant! We just found out about a week and a half ago, and we couldn't be happier. I have not gone to the Dr yet, but please pray that this baby is healthy and happy, and for his or her momma as well. :)

If you wanna play a long... drop me a line and I will be sure to stop by your blog and check out your things about you! :)


sarah said...

I'll play along, but you'd have to wait for my birthday, or don't you?