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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

365 Challenge?

So, I am considering doing the 365 Challenge and curious if anyone wants to join me? If you are not sure what this is, it is when you take one picture a day, for an entire year, and post it to your blog. I found a group of Bloggers that have done this, and I don't even know these women, but it just was a lot of fun checking out their pics each day. Here are a few of the blogs that I have been following, so you can see how it works, if you are new to this.

Anyway... if you would be interested in joining me, I think I am going to create a special blog, just for my challenge, and I will post it on my blog, and you can follow along. If you decide to take the challenge, please let me know, and I will post your blog on my list next to my 365 Challenge, and we will be a group. I think it will be a lot of fun!! :)
Hope to hear from you!
Happy New year and God bless!


marshan said...

are you going to get the kit that goes with it? It on http://www.beckyhiggins.com/blog/
She's the coolest. It comes out tomorrow and gives you all the stuff you need to do the album. I'm thinking very seriously about getting it along with the baby kit on http://community.creatingkeepsakes.com/store/products/baby_kit

I lvoe Becky's stuff, and it's so practical.

marshan said...

I'm in.