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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What do you know!

Ok... so, again I have to thank my very handsome husband. He has kept me from going completely crazy, tearing up my house, looking for that precious little white sweater. Seriously though... he claims that he found the sweater underneath the clean basket of clothes on my side of the bed. What? No... I am pretty sure that he found it in the black hole located under our house, and then planted it somewhere that would drive me completely nuts! Ok... so it is more likely that it was under the clean clothes basket. At least my original fear was not right... my original theory was that we had our house broken into by some crazy sweater stealing bandits and my fear was that my favorite black sweater would be next! Phew!

Here are some pics after the recovery effort! Thanks for listening!

By the way... Momstheword, I am pretty sure Kindred Spirits is exactly right! We(ok... Doug) literally found it about 5 minutes after I read your comment! Sooo funny!


momstheword said...

Hey, I'm glad it's found! Seriously, that Black Hole Affect can just suck anything right into it.....sweaters, dishes, car keys, purses...you name it!

Sometimes I wish it would suck one pooping, throwing up puppy.....