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Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday...

This is probably one of my favorite times of the week... and it is here again! So let's get started!

Ok... I most certainly have not eaten my share of my special "spritz cookie" cookie dough that I made specially for Christmas, just because I wanted to! Seriously... I most certainly did not do that!

I also, while I am at it, have not eaten my share of my mom's very special kiss cookies... just because I am pregnant and it doesn't really matter anyway!

Next... I didn't actually try to talk my husband into keeping the two extra dog's that we adopted over the summer, even though I know that we can not handle 3 dogs right now. Nope... not me!

I did not spill the beans about or new little bun in the oven at church without my husband there. Nope... I would never do that!

Of course... instead of comforting my daughter after she had been disciplined by her daddy, I definitely did not take her picture while she was crying because she was so stinking cute when having a severe fit. Nope... not me!

Just this once... I defintitely did not add my name to MckMama's Mr. Linky before this blog was finished just so I could get in under the top 20 list... I would never do that!!! Nope... not me!


Melanie said...

Hey, hopping over from MckMama's blog ... I'm there with ya on the cookies. What IS IT with cookies this time of the year?

momof2beautifulgirls said...

LOVE IT!!! You are to funny!!!

momstheword said...

Oh I love kiss cookies!!!!! I will be praying for your precious baby's health (and yours!), my friend!

Mrs B said...

I love cookie dough too...I would never give any to my two year old and one year old who now prefer it over actual cookies. That would make me irresponsible.

Love your list.

Following Him said...

Love your list...with you on the cookies.

They call me mommy said...

haha! I've totally taken pictures of the kids throwing tantrums so in 20 years when they say we didnt do that, i have proof!

sarah said...

Does anyone ever eat just cookie dough? That would be like eating frosting out of the can just for fun and who does that? No one I'm sure :) Happy Monday (even though it's Tuesday)