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Monday, December 8, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

So, it is that time again... can you believe that another week has gone by? I can't! Can you believe... there is only 17 days left til Christmas? Nope... where has this year gone? Day by day, week by week, month by month... time is just slipping away! So... since it is Monday, we might as well get to it. So, here is this week's list of things I definitely did not do...:

So, first of all... I most certainly did not eat all of that decadently yummy Whisky River BBQ Burger with the exception of the 1/4 of the burger that Grace ate, and did not enjoy every single bite! Seriously... I did not savor every single bite... Nope... Not me!~

And another thing I definitely did not do, I did not beg my husband to get my the new Cricut machine, and go an entire week with it, still in the box, not scrapbook at all! Seriously... I would not do that!

So... here is a gross one, that I 100%, absolutely, did not do! Okay, so... Grace and I have been suffering from a small head cold this week. And... as everyone knows, with this, usually comes along with a runny nose. Well... I most certainly did not use Grace's jammie shirt (while she was still wearing it) as a tissue for my daughters extremely runny nose, because there was not a tissue in sight. While I have already grossed you out... I might as well say, that I also did not wipe my very own nose on my very own jammies, because of the same exact reason.

So, let's move on! I most certainly did not use the excuse that it was my birthday(even though, we know that I did not have a birthday) to not clean my house, the entire time that Doug was gone hunting! Seriously... I did not do that!

And yet... another thing that I did not do... while my wonderful husband was gone hunting with my dad and brother, I did not overly enjoy my time alone this week, and definitely did not sprawl out across the entire queen size bed... using both his pillows and mine. Nope... not me!

So, as a birthday present to myself... I definitely did not go out and by the brand new Britney Spears CD. I most certainly also did not by the Sims 2 Pets game for my computer! Seriously... who would do that... or admit it in their blog? Not me!

Again this week, I did not just sit idly by, laughing, and snapping pictures as I watched my adorably cute daughter, do this:

Again... I did not do that! Seriously... I don't know where she gets this! LOL!

I also have not had a million other not me moments, but because I didn't write them down as I thought of them, I am not writing them here in this blog.

Finally... I am definitely not prejudice when I say that this is the cutest child on the planet! OK... maybe I am just a little! :)

Have a great week! Candace


momstheword said...

I laughed outloud at wiping the noses on the jammies!!!! Loved the picture too. I feel like licking the plate sometimes too, lol!

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL I am not agreeing that your child is right up there in the running for cutest child on the planet. I am also not plugging my own children for the remaining slots. Nope, not me!!