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Monday, January 18, 2010


Not too much to say... Today was a pretty good day. Gracie spent the entire day in a pair of panties(instead of a pull-up) and only had a problem when she took a nap in the late afternoon, and had an accident, which... in hindsight, was my fault. I should have put a pull-up on her before her nap, but I had been fighting with her for about 2 hours to take a nap at that point and basically just was thankful she had fallen asleep.
Jack, he is such a sweet baby. He is such a happy baby these days, but he is very attatched to his momma, and don't get me wrong... I am not complaining, but it is making it a little difficult for daddy to get him asleep these days. I am still nursing him as much as I can(he is still not getting a lot from me, but like the Dr said, some is better than none). With Grace, I stopped nursing(because I wasn't producing anything) at 2 months with Grace. I am very thankful that I am able to nurse, no matter what amount it is.
So... that is a brief update... will try to make a longer post about them later. :)


Candace said...

When I potty trained my oldest daughter (many, many years ago..)she did very well except for naps and nighttime. She just didn't wake up enough to figure out she needed to go. I've been getting prepared for Ana Kate's potty training and someone recently told me that when they nap to cover their panties with a diaper and then if they have an accident they will still be able to feel it and will figure it out sooner. I haven't tried this yet, because we just aren't to that point yet...but it sounds like it might work. Thought it might be useful for you.