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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend, where did you go?(Stream-of-consciousness)

I really feel like this weekend has been on fast forward. We pretty much just laid around the house on Saturday, instead of going to the hubby's church like we usually do, because Grace has a bad runny nose and a slight cough, and in my better judgement, decided that it would be best to stay in. So, instead of going out, I made a big pot of potato soup(which is so yummy and low in points, for those that are interested. Comment and I might post the recipe) which we ate on all weekend, and then some grilled chicken tenders, and we had a great lunch. Then, Doug got Grace down for her nap, and the rest of the time just flew.

Today, Doug's dad was over the entire day working on getting the garage organized and ready to bring all the junk back from the storage unit that we have been renting since September. That $84 has better places to go... :) So, again... the day kind of flew. I heated up the leftover soup for the guys, and was getting Gracie ready to go over to her Granparents for the evening. However, because the guys were slow about getting ready to take Grace to Grandma, by the time they tried to get her ready, she started crying and said that she wanted mommy... which, for some reason, she has been doing that a lot lately. I feel a little guilty about it because honestly, Doug and I were fighting a lot over the holidays, which I have mentioned before, and in those fights, I left to get some air, and since then, she has been a little clingy. It could also be that she is just with me all the time, and just is attatched. Either way... I feel kind of bad about this. She also is in a stage where only I can put her to bed at night, which is straining things a little bit, but I don't mind... I like that she wants me. She used to only let daddy put her to bed, so I enjoy it. It makes me think about MckMama's post a few weeks or so ago I'm gonna miss this. So, when Gracie is crying after me, or acting a little clingy, and my first thought is, 'I'm tired', or 'Can't daddy put you to bed?', I quickly remind myself that, I am going to miss this. The runny noses, the wet pull-ups(yes... still dealing with potty training...), and the smart little "Fine... fine, Mommy!'s" that I have been getting.... I remind myself that, it was just yesterday that I was a little girl, and time really does slip away that fast.

One last thing... I am soooooo frustrated, and can't WAIT to get this stupid computer fixed!!! I need to update my 365 pictures!!! I just can't wait any more... I think I will be uploading some pics at my parents tomorrow, and will burn them on cd's so I can just update and not get behind anymore. Hopefully, will have my computer back to normal in a week or so! :)

Thanks for listening. :)


momof2beautifulgirls said...


It is a stage she is going through and it will pass just like the potty training. I waited till both girls were 3 to potty train and they trained in a week. I just didn't want to fight them, at that point I could bribe them in sense.