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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That amazing story I was speaking of...

Remember the other day when I was telling you that there was an amazing story that I had to tell you about. Well... tonight is the night! :)

This is my aunt Cathy.

This... is her really cool family!

My aunt Cathy is just 5 1/2 years older than I am. She is basically like my big sister... we practically grew up together. All my life I have looked up to her. She is one of my best friends. Her children are practically my nieces and nephews! I love them very much! Her husband Dave is such a sweet guy. He is so good to her and her children, whom he considers his own. They are both faithful Christians, living day by day, and paycheck to paycheck... as most of us are. They have been married five years this past December.

Ok, so getting to the amazing story...

About 3 weeks ago, we had a snow storm. It got really cold here. That is when their furnace decided that it was going to stop working. As you can imagine... as 2 working parents of 5 kids, a bum furnace is the last thing that you need to be paying for right now.

Well, this past weekend, after getting home from her youngest sons basketball game, they got a call from her friend she works with, Lois. That evening, they had been to dinner with a family friend that they have known for years. Somehow Lois got to talking about Cathy and her family. In the conversation they casually mentioned to the guy that their furnace went out right before that snow storm a few weeks back and that they have no heat and are heating their house with space heaters. They also mentioned the fact that my aunt and her husband and family are good Christian's and such a sweet family. Out of the blue... the guy who is very well off, said that he wanted to buy them a new furnace! He said that if she would to contact the 2 best furnace people in the city, get estimates, make sure that they would guarantee their work, and he would send the check over the next day!

This was Saturday evening... and this evening... I got a text message from my aunt saying that they have a brand spanking new furnace in their house, and they are toasty warm!

Seriously... can you believe that? It just goes to prove... when you have faith that everything is going to be alright, God shows you it really is.

God is so good all the time! Praise Him!


Pam said...

That is an amazing testimony!! Praise God!!! Thanks for the long comment on my blog, I'd love to chat more with you about this... :)