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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Why is it that on the night that you think things are going to go really well, no arguments, no disagreements, just a nice night playing games with Gracie and hanging out with Jack, things basically go to heck?!?

That was my night...

Things started out good. I made a WONDERFUL dinner(I had to... we are really trying to stick to budget and I have to stick to my points!), and I was in a great mood. Then, a simple conversation turned into World War 3!

I didn't mention it much, but December was a rough month... my husband's church does not celebrate Christmas(as I have said before, they are Sabbath keepers and basically keep the Holy Days rather than the Holidays) so tensions are always high around that time. On top of that, I believe that I was truly experiencing a small bout of post partum depression(and may still be...).

I really don't know how it came about... it was so innocent, but I truly hate fighting(which my husband does not believe), I really do hate it!

Do you ever just feel empty inside? I feel that way right now... just numb. Hopefully tomorrow will be better... whoops... it is already tomorrow. Ok... so, today... I resolve for it to be a better day.

Like my momma always says... life is too short to spend it mad.

THanks mom.


Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry things are rough right now. PPD is rough, I hope you have a good support system, and it goes away quickly. You'll be in my prayers.

momof2beautifulgirls said...


It seems after a baby things are always rough for a bit. I am sure part of it is hormones. I will be praying for you. Hope you have a great day.