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Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST... update

Ok, I was just watching the "secret" endings to the Lost finale last night, and they showed the alternate endings that could have possibly been used, just in case the original ending got leaked. Well... the alternate dead people were Sawyer(who looked really nice in a suit, but they didn't have his face clean shaven like they did the original person), and then Desmond in the second alternate. Oh... I am so glad that they stuck with the alternate ending, but man... I am dying to see next season already! They really need to have a regular, full season and start it in the fall. I love this show... and can honestly say, I think it is now one of my favorites. I would love to eventually get the full series on DVD. Maybe some day... when I win the lottery... or my dad win's, I should say! LOL!


marshan said...

If they would have killed off Sawyer, I seriously might have stopped watching the show. He's my all time favorite...and I like Hurley too. He ranks up there too.

Where were the alternate endings on line??? I wanna see.