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Monday, May 19, 2008

Honey and her friend Pheobe....

Here are a few pics of Honey and her buddy Pheobe. Also, I have added a few pics from our last night camping of Honey in her chair.

Here is Honey with Pheobe... she showed up the same day that we moved there, and they became fast friends. She is a 4 year old yellow lab and loves to play fetch. We could hardly tell them apart at times... of course, Honey is cuter(sorry... I am predjudice! LOL!)

We took Gracie to the playground and while we were there... Honey decided that she wanted to go down the slide... I am very disappointed that I actually didn't get this on video! It was awesome!!!!

It is the cutest thing ever! I had gone in to get ready for bed, and when I looked out the door, Honey had actually gotten up in my chair