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Friday, May 23, 2008

It's just a phase...

"it's just a phase"... I keep telling myself this. I am always telling myself this these days. I am trying to be strong. I know I have to keep strong. Right now... I am sitting in silence... for the first time in nearly an hour. It started around 12... actually, more like 12:30. I decided to give Gracie a bath at noon today, in hopes that it would calm her down and help her get a well needed nap. So, we bathed her, I rubbed her down with that wonderful smelling lotion that is supposed to help relax babies. Got her in a nice new outfit, and then I did it... started the screamer in my child. I laid her down, in her bed that she has been happily sleeping in for the last several months, with no complaint, and she started screaming!

These days... if she even feels us moving towards her bedroom(even when she is SOUND ASLEEP), she wakes up and starts whining! I feel as if I am literally losing my mind. I keep telling myself, it is just a phase. She will grow out of this. She is just getting to that age. But... inside, I just don't believe it! I really can't understand why a child that has been the model for the perfect baby(and I know that no baby is perfect, but she hardly ever cries, went to bed without issue, and slept through the night from the time that she was 3 months old!), is all of a sudden turning into medusa when it is nap/bed time. I need help... I know that I need to stay strong, but this is really hard. I know that motherhood is not easy, but this has no words for it. Thankfully I have friends that are telling me that I am doing the right thing, because these days, I feel lost in this. Confused is not even the word!

Ok... enough of that. I am tired and GRace is quiet.... I am going to give myself a treat. M&M's... here I come. Don't worry... I have the points for them! LOL! :)


marshan said...

yeah, that's a tough one. Just hold out. It is a stage!