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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just want to share...

I have got to share a pic of my family... this is from my nephew's b-day at Chuck E. Cheese. Actually... I can never just share one pic at a time...

Here is my ultra cute nephew with good ole' Chuck!(Ian is the short one on the left!LOL!)

Here I am with my Sister in law Jess,

and my adorable niece Carly Mae(Mae-Mae for short)

Doug and Dad being kids...
Here is Carly with little Gracie!
Awww.... Gracie really loves her cousin Ian. By the way... Gracie's nickname is Cutie Pie, given to her before she was even born by none other than Ian... It has stuck... she is affectionately known as Cutie Pie! Here is my brother, Brad... who is that basketball headed baby he is holding?
Awww... just Mae-mae sinking a basket!
Here is the whole lot of us... from left to right:

Dad, Brad, Carly, Jess with Gracie, Mom, Ian, me and Doug. We are a gnarly group! LOL!

Here is Brad and his family outside of CEC!

So... that is the lot of us... we are a group, indeed.