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Friday, May 9, 2008

Nine Months, pt. 3

Well... yes, I am still going on and on about the 9 months thing, but I have to just note a few things that Grace has done/can do at nine months.

Today... for the first time, Grace has sat herself up in her bed and pulled all of her dirty clothes into the bed with her and was playing. Very funny.

Next... also for the first time, I was playing with her and was kissing one of her baby dolls and told her to kiss her, and when I put the doll up to her face, she kissed her. It was so cute!

She is now 25 lbs and 12 oz's(went to the dr for her 9 month check up today). I don't remember how long she is, but she is above the curve.

She claps her hands when she is excited, is practically crawling, and jabbers all the time.

She clearly is saying mama and dada, and I think is close to saying mammaw... of course I am coaching her on that one. My dad is coaching her to say pappaw, but she hasn't managed the p-sound yet.

She loved the little puffed wheat treats that we give her and can pic them up with her thumb and pointer finger. She giggles all the time, and will go to sleep(after about 5 minutes of slight crying) when I lay her down for a nap in the afternoon.

She loves our dog Honey. She is so sweet with her! I love that she is growing up with pets... even though I hate cleaning up after them.

Grace's favorite movie is Enchanted and Mary Poppins.... she loves anything with music. I am sure that she is either going to be a singer, or a conductor. Singer because she is always singing a sweet song... (check out my myspace for her singing video) and a conductor for the way she waves her arms when playing. She is so funny!

Her hair is finally growing in pretty thick, but it is still not long enough for a pigtail... it is coming though. :)

That is about all that I can think of, even though there are millions of other things I could probably list here, I am tired and have to get to bed. I will try to post some of the pics from today tomorrow morning. Love to you all... my loyal readers... all 3 of you! Ha ha!


marshan said...

That's so awesome! Sitting up by herself?? That's crazy! My little girl is way too lazy to do that and she's almost two months older! :) Maybe Gracie can teach Makenna a thing or two!