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Thursday, July 17, 2008

More of my speckled baby!

So... It has been about a day or so since we have found any new spots on Gracie, but she is still technically contagious(I guess) since not all of the spots have scabbed over yet. She has been in pretty good spirits though, considering that she is probably really itchy. I am so thankful that this has happened now, rather than much later, but I still can't believe that she has got them. Here are some new pics of Gracie... The first ones are from Tuesday evening when we were giving her a bath. The other ones are from today... she is getting to the point where she is actually smiling now when she sees the camera... my daughter is a ham! LOL! So, here is more from the speckled baby! :)


marshan said...

She is so cute, spots and all@