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Friday, July 4, 2008

We may have just lost our minds!

Happy 4th everyone! Well, we just got back from the Biven farm and had a great afternoon with family and friends. I have to get my mom's SD card, and then I will have some pics.

We did come home with a little more than we were expecting however... Tiffany and Justin (for those of you who don't know, this is Doug's cousin and her hubby) brought Bosley and Charlie, their very sweet dogs with them. Come to find out they were bringing them with them to take to a shelter tomorrow morning. They have been trying to find a good home for them for almost a year and it has come to the point that they just have to get rid of them. Anyway, Doug and I have been talking about, and even put in the paperwork, to adopt a dog from Circletail. However, the cost was $250 and we were going to wait a while, but we have wanted a friend for Honey for a while now.

Anyway... long story short, we now have Bosley and Charlie here as a trial run to see if they will be good friends for Honey(I hear you laughing Sue! LOL!!! Just kidding...). Please pray for us. This, could be, a very good thing. We hope that it will be. :) Anyway, I just couldn't bare to see them go to a shelter and possibly be separated! I know... I am crazy!

So, here are the pics of Honey's cousins... Bosley(bigger) and Charlie(smaller).