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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not me! Monday....

***Just a brief disclaimer***
I apologize for the tone of this blog... you may have less respect for me after this blog, mainly because it sounds like the writings of a 13 year old girl, but I promise... this doesn't happen that often. I am back to my self respecting, going to bed on time, hanging out with my hubby girl that I was before I didn't do any of this stuff! Thank you... please continue:
So, Monday is here again? Where did this past week go? I am not too sure... but here are a few things that I am definitely sure of...
So, my sister in law Cynthia just turned 40 yesterday, and I most certainly did not forget to send her a birthday card, call her up, or even send an e-card to mark this monumental occasion. What kind of sister in law would do something so wrong as to forget something like that? Definitely not me! (Not that she reads this... but seriously, the card is in the mail.... er, e-mail that is! :)
I have not become such a fan of the movie musical "Mama Mia!" that I downloaded the movie sountrack onto my ipod and then make my husband listen to it on the way to and from my mom's house for Sunday dinner. Nope... not me! I also do not put the lyrics on the tv every time that I watch it, just so that I can sing along... with every word! Nope... not me!
Next, I definitely was not soooooo excited on Friday afternoon when I received a call from my Aunt Cathy, who was calling to tell me that she had 3 extra tickets to Saturday nights Dancing with the Stars at our local concert arena, that I actually squealed, then almost pee my pants with excited. Seriously... I mean, what self respecting, wife and mother, would do that? Now... I know that was not me!
Then... after I did not do that, seriously, I did not call my best friend 3 or 4 times in a row, hoping that maybe she was just in the bathroom and couldn't hear the phone(NO, that has never happened before...) and then finally call her sweet little pappaw(who is slightly hard of hearing), hoping she was there, and after about a 3 minute conversation of trying to explain who I was, and that I was trying to see if Terah were there, and having to repeat that several times, finally getting Terah's mom's cell phone number, and then when I called that number... got a voicemail! At that point... I definitely did not leave a spastic message telling her to call me right away because I had tickets! To what... I wouldn't say, but I seriously didn't do any of that! Nope... not me!!!!!
I also... did not start crying on my mom, while I was telling her about the tickets that we had, for no reason at all... nope, not me. :)
Ok.... enough about that. LOL!
Oh wait... I have one more..... OK, so while at the show on Saturday night, I most certainly did not scream like a 13 year old girl when Derek Hough started to come up into the stands where we were, and was heading our way! LOL! Ok... so maybe I did do that... but come on... once a teeny bopper... always a teeny bopper! LOL!
I also did not laugh so much and so hard at so many different things, that I seriously can't remember when I last had so much fun! Nope... not me!
After the show, I did not playfully suggest that I was soooo hungry after the show, that we all should stop at IHOP for a late night round of all you could eat pancakes, instead of going right back home, keeping myself out til nearly 2:15 in the morning. Nope... not me! (of course... I could have been home by 1 if I hadn't say in Terah's driveway talking for over an hour, but where would the fun of that been?)
Ok.... so just now, while I was writing this post, my husband did not just come up behind me and scare me to death when he kissed me on the cheek. I was not scared because of his brand spanking new goatee, which I have not encouraged him to keep, just because I think it actually makes him look older and more mature with it. Nope... who would care about that. I mean... just because he is 2 1/2 years younger than I am, why would I care about that... nope, not me! Wink, wink! ;0)
Well.... I think that is it, for now, but if I can think of more... I will update in the morning. :)


Orah said...

I would not forget my own sister's birthday and then to curb the expected sister reaction to my belated call, I did not have her very adorable two year old nephew call and sing Happy Birdie to you and then when she asked if he had a gift for her and what it was, he did not respond "credit cards" making her laugh and coo and forget completely that I originally forgot her b-day. Always make good use of the kids.