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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry... I am trying not to be a bummer!

Sorry for such a downer post... I am just really bummed today. I try not to let myself get down like this, because inevitably when I do get down and out, Doug just doesn't understand, and instead of just letting me have a crappy day, he gets mad at me because I don't want to talk about it. I know I should talk to him, but it just isn't that easy.

Also, I want to explain my "food issues" thing a little better. I have always dealt with stress, hurts, anxieties and so much more with comfort food. So, back in March of last year, I started back at Weight Watcher's. I was doing great. By the end of summer, I was down approximately 40 lbs. I was feeling good, and looking better. I was really doing it. Then in September, not to make excuses, I went on vacation to Florida with my mom and Grace. I followed that up by coming home and going on vacation with my husband and Grace. I wasn't that bad, but I had gained a pound or two. Of course, I lost it right away.

Skip ahead to the beginning of December. Doug and I had casually talked about having another baby. We decided to use the "let what happens happen" method. I will be honest, I was having mixed feelings about having another baby right now, only because I really wanted to get under 300(yes... I said that-go visit my weight loss blog and you will see I can be pretty honest about my weight). I was so close. But, about a week after my birthday(just like when I was pregnant with Grace) I took the test, and... sure enough, it was positive. I could not have been happier. See:

So, of course, as any self-respecting pregnant girl, I was not that concerned with my diet through the holidays. I swore to myself that right after the New Year, I was right back on my Weight Watcher's even though I was not technically allowed to go to my meetings. Of course, January 2nd came around, and that is when things really fell apart. Since then, I have just wanted to comfort myself with things like Steak Hoagies, Pizza, Chinese food, Olive Garden, and Chipotle, just to name a few things. :) I know that I need to get back on that horse... start working out again, and then.... let things just happen. Work on getting my self back into order, and then maybe things will just fall back into place... and that little baby will come when we least expect it. God does not want me to abuse my body this way, I know this. I really do.

So... the plan for me right now is to start back to my meetings next Wednesday. I would love to get my friend Aleathia to come to meetings with me. That would be a huge help.

Ok... so enough whining for me tonight. I am going to post my pics for the day over at my other blog, and then I am going to start on my story about when Grace was born. She will be 18 months old in about 2 weeks... where has the time gone???

So... one last thing... I love your comments! I really love my friends that are following along with me! Mindy, Marshan, Ohilda, and Sara! And.... a special shoutout to my Indiana neighbor... Stephanie... How'ya doin'! :) Love being "friends" with you on facebook! :) You are all such sweethearts! I love you girls! So... if you wanna be one of my really good friends... why don't you hit that follow button and join in on the fun! I promise... I will be fun again! :) Love ya's!