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Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, I have been promising a lot of blogging the last couple posts, but here I am again, no big post. Just a little update and some sad news.

The update is that my mom is doing really well. She had a shoulder replacement on Wednesday, and so far, is doing great. Of course, she is drugged up(ha ha!), but that is ok. We want her to stay comfy, and just get better. Along with this, I have been there for the last few days helping out. So... Praise God for the good outcome from this surgery, and please keep her in your prayers and we look forward to the weeks/months of therapy ahead.

Next, we found out today that Gracie has come down with Scarlet Fever(a.k.a. strep throat). Where she got it... who knows. Thank goodness she broke out with the rash, otherwise it could have gone undetected. Praise God for the rash(I know that sounds strange... but if there was no rash, we would have never known she was sick with Strep). We took her to the Doc today and she is now on Amoxicillian and hopefully will be well on her way to feeling better in no time. :)Also, please pray that she does not end up with some weird reaction to her medicine... both Doug and I have allergies to Amoxicillian/penicillin, and we are hoping that she is not affected by that.

Finally... please pray for my husband's cousin Tiff today. Last night when I got home from staying with my mom for the day, I was reading my e-mails and found an e-mail saying that earlier in the week she had gone to the Dr for her monthly check up for her pregnancy(she was 14/almost 15 weeks along), and when they did her check up and was listening for a heartbeat, they couldn't find one; however, the same thing happened when she was expecting her first son, Hayden. So, as they had done with Hayden, the Dr scheduled a follow-up appointment a few days later, to do a sonogram. Sadly, when they did the sonogram, there still was no heartbeat. I am not sure of everything that has gone on, but I know that the baby was a little boy, and they are planning on a burial next Friday. This has just broken my heart. Please pray for this sweet family. Justin and Tiffany are the youth leaders at their church, and love the Lord. I have no doubt that they will seek comfort in Him.

Please say a small prayer for me as well... this has opened a freshly healing wound, but please pray that I can the moral support for Tiffany, and encourage her, and that God gives me the words to comfort her as she needs.

Thanks and I promise... more blogging to come!


karina said...

Oh, HUGS to you and your husband's cousin. You know, you just need to cry with her.

Glad you caught the scarlet fever. Poor Gracie.

More hugs.
love, Karina :o)