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Monday, January 12, 2009

Update-Dr's appointment.

We had another Dr's appointment today, to follow with Dr Fackler from last week. Of course, at that point, when he did the last sonogram, he had told us that there was a blood clot in my unterus, and wasn't sure that I would miscarry, but it was possible.

So, today when he came in, he was very sweet, and asked me how we were doing. I told him that we were doing ok. He then asked me what had been happening since last Monday and of course, I explained to him everything that happened after I left their office last week, and he got the most sypathetic look on his face. He just truly is a genuinely sweet gentleman. Anyway... so he did another ultrasound and said that, yes, everything was gone. It appeared that, from what he could tell, a complete miscarriage had taken place. I pretty much already knew this, and have been dealing with these feelings for a week, but even though I knew this already, I still cried. So, he basically just reminded me that we need to grieve for this baby and we need for our hearts to mourn, and spiritually heal. He then got to the important part... he said that he wants us to have 2 periods before we acutally start "trying" again, and that is including the period that came along with the miscarriage. So... once I have my next "flow"(his words... not mine! I found that funny...) we can start trying again, and he said to call him asap.

My main question was when he did the last sonogram, he said that there were blood clots present, and if I should be worried about this. He said that no, since we did miscarry... the blood clots were basically from the miscarriage that was taking place. At the time, he just couldn't say that at the time, because he just wasn't sure that was what was happening. Thank goodness!

He did say that he could see a cyst on my cervix, but he said that is nothing at all to worry about.

So... now to look to the future. I am not going to be afraid of trying again... there is a reason for all of this, and God will bless us for being strong in faith.

Again, I appreciate all of my dear friends that I have made through this blog, and can't express enough how much your encouragement means to me. God bless you all, and I love you!


momof2beautifulgirls said...

God has great things in store. AND REMEMBER WHAT MICKI SAID AND HAVE FUN!...
Love ya,

karina said...

What a great attitude you have. Everyone grieves differently, there's no right or wrong, only to do it. For us, we named our babies, had a memorial service on their due dates, and had a rock engraved with their names (at rockitcreations.com), we also made a memorial flower garden in our yard and planted each a peony bush. All these things were very theraputic for us, and every year when the peonies bloom it's like I get to see them smile, it just brings joy to me.

I know GOd will walk with you through this time.

Blessings, Karina