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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is sex? (don't worry about the title.. you will understand)

So, I got a call from my brother tonight and he wanted to know if I had talked to my mom tonight. Of course, I said that I hadn't and wanted to know why. I was a little worried, because the way my week has been going, you never know what is going to happen next. Anyway...

My brother Brad, who is 18 months older than I am, has a son named Ian. I am sure that I have mentioned Ian before... here they are, with my sister in law Jess, and my niece Carly Mae(or Mae-mae, as we like to call her).

So, Brad said that he was sitting there(I think last night) and Ian was jumping around the living room, as he usually does late in the evening, to burn off some of his leftover energy from the long day at school, and all of a sudden he stops. He looks at my brother, and asked, "Dad... what is sex?"

At this point, I am not sure if my brother asked him where he heard that, but I know that Ian also added, "I have heard that word on tv, and heard the word 'sexy' too, and just was wondering what that was."

As I am sure that some type of food or drink was spit across the room, my brother quickly gathers his thoughts and procedes to answer him like this... "Well son, you know that video game that we play on Playstation... the one with the German soldiers."

"Yes," Ian replies.

"Well," Brad continues, "Sex is the german word for six, so it just means six to us."

"Oh" Ian says... and then asks, "well, what about sexy? What does that mean?"

"Oh," Brad thought, "Sexy is just more than one six."

"Ok, thanks Dad!" Ian finally said, and went back to jumping around playing, without another thought.

Phew.... crisis averted this time! LOL!


marshan said...

HAHAHAHAHAA!!! I'll have to remember that one for when I'm asked!!!!